How Restaurants use VROMO to Incentivise Customers

Does your restaurant struggle with keeping your customers engaged once their food is out for delivery? You’re not alone.

We’ve created a solution that enables your restaurant to incentivize repeat custom once a customer’s food has left the restaurant.

VROMO software allows restaurant brands to use the driver tracking feature to communicate key marketing messages directly to their customers.

Our restaurant brands use this tool to increase both customer acquisition and retention at a fraction of the cost compared to other digital marketing alternatives.

So how does it work?

  1. When an order has been received, an SMS notification is sent to the customer letting them know that their food is on its way
  2.  A notification containing a tracking link then brings them through to a mobile web page that shows the end-user the location of their delivery driver in real-time
  3. The branded tracking feature is completely customizable and can be personalized to display branded digital content such as videos, images, customer reviews, coupon codes, and much more

See how it can work for your restaurant below 👇

Some of our customers have tried and tested lots of unique and highly effective display marketing adverts and incentives that are served via the tracking site. These include:

  • Money off next purchase when the customer orders their food ordered through the restaurant’s website, app, or preferred ordering portal 💰
  • Clickable links to sign up for a loyalty scheme 🔗
  • Data capture competitions that allow customers to win their next meal for free 📊
  • ‘Refer a Friend’ schemes 🤝
  • Promotional videos hosted on YouTube 📺
  • Calls-to-action to encourage customers to follow and engage with a restaurant’s social media 📱

“The brand engagement opportunity the VROMO facilitates is proving to be an attractive USP,” explains our CCO Alan Hickey. “This is bolstered by some of the user statistics we track which show that 72% of end users that receive the SMS tracking link open it. This  immediately shows them branded content from the restaurant which they subsequently spend on average 4 minutes viewing."

This is a great opportunity to drive brand loyalty through special offers and coupons, or even to create incremental revenue through third-party marketing.

An onward journey that really excites our customers is how this feature and display advertising can be used to encourage restaurant customers to share their brand experience on their social media channels.

Restaurants can use VROMO to maintain brand visibility and marketing communication with customers who choose to follow them on social channels. Better still, it encourages the end user to talk about their experience with your brand, service, or order on their own social media feed. From there, you’ve tapped into the possibility of reaching a large potential customer audience. 

If you are struggling to:

Encourage your customers to share their experience with your brand on social media
Engage with your customers once their food has left the restaurant during either busy or quiet periods of work
Track your ROI with your current methods of brand engagement 
Make future decisions and promotions based on your customer data VROMO is the solution.  To see how VROMO can improve your brand engagement and enable you to capture and retain more customers, book a demo with our experts.