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Improve the food delivery customer experience: A guide for restaurant owners & managers

Explore the tips and tricks of how restaurants can use delivery management software to incentivize customers and keep them coming back for more!

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Does your restaurant struggle with prioritizing the customer delivery experience, and enhancing customer engagement once their food items are out for delivery?


If you answered yes, you’re not alone. In fact, McDonald’s even went so far as to create an entire team dedicated to improving the customer delivery experience.


In recent years, the food delivery channel has become a bigger piece of the pie for the restaurant industry when it comes to generating more revenue.


In fact, the food delivery market is projected to reach US$66.56bn by the end of this year, showcasing the fact that the consumer demand for food delivery is continuing to rise.


With this increase has also come the rise in consumer expectations when it comes to food delivery and so we’re asking, what is YOUR restaurant doing to improve and create memorable experiences for your customers when it comes to delivery?


The food delivery channel now harnesses an amazing opportunity for restaurants (like yours!) to drive brand loyalty and awareness.


Throughout this blog post, we’re going to touch on a couple of ways your restaurant can deliver an exceptional customer experience with every delivery order to drive revenue and capture more customers.

What options are out there?

While there are many ways to get in touch with your customers after they’ve ordered from your restaurant business, nothing captures their attention better than asking them for an online review and offering them promotional discounts when they’re waiting for their order to arrive.


We’ve spent so much time thinking about this idea that we decided to create a solution that allows restaurants to incentivize their customers for returning after they leave to drive customer loyalty and to inform future customer preferences.


This happens via our order tracking feature that can communicate key marketing messages and so much more directly to their customers.


A tool to increase customer acquisition, improve customer retention, and influence customer behavior at a fraction of the cost compared to other digital marketing alternatives? Yes, please!

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How does real-time order tracking work?

The customer journey is a delicate one, and keeping a customer up-to-date on the status of their food delivery order is imperative when they’re hungry (and if you’re looking to reduce the number of customer complaints around delivery wait times!).


In fact, research shared by SupperOffice, suggested that up to 86% of consumers are even willing to pay more for an item from a company that offers excellent customer service and a great customer experience.


For this reason, we’ve created a feature called Branded Order Tracking, that’s going to enable you to engage with your customer while they wait for their food.


Not only is this going to improve your customer satisfaction score, but it’s also going to help you to build a brand-new customer base.

Here’s how it works:


When an order has been received by your restaurant, an SMS notification is sent to the customer letting them know that their food is on its way.


A notification containing a food delivery tracking link then brings them through to a mobile web page that maps out the delivery route in real time.


With the feature being completely customizable, you can send personalized discounts or coupons, display branded digital content such as videos, and images, ask for customer feedback by adding a google review link or even offer them the option of tipping their driver!


See how Papa Gino’s leveraged features like this to scale their delivery operations!

papa ginos branding on a mobile screen offering a discount and a prompt for the customer tracking their food to leave a review for their restaurant

Where’s the proof?

Well, the proof is in the pudding!


Some of our clients have tried and tested lots of unique and highly effective display marketing adverts and incentives that are served via the food delivery tracking link.


These campaigns have helped them to capture more first-time customers, as well as improve and nurture their current customer relationships. Check out some of the campaigns below!


  • Money off the next purchase
  • Clickable links to sign up for a loyalty scheme
  • Data capture competitions that offer an incentive
  • ‘Refer a Friend’ scheme
  • Promotional videos hosted on YouTube
  • CTA’s to encourage customers to follow & engage with their brand


These campaigns have encouraged such high rates of customer engagement amongst our clients’ customers that, on average, our clients experience a 78% average click-through rate to their branded content as well as an average of 4 minutes spent by the customer viewing their branded content!


So it’s true: An up-to-date customer = a happy customer!

order tracking link on a mobile for a customer to track their delivery order from papa ginos

Looking for something more mainstream?

We’re not forgetting the important role that social media can and should play here.


If your restaurant brand is looking to leverage social media to drive brand engagement, you’re probably thinking that our branded tracking link will only do so much for your customers on an individual level.


If that’s the case, you’re forgetting that our tracking link tool is completely customizable!


This means you can urge customers who are waiting for their food to be delivered to share their experience with your brand on their own social channels.


Do this in different ways such as running a campaign that encourages the customer to post a photo of their food when it’s delivered to be in with a chance to win a free meal or simply ensure your main call to action is to follow your social media channels.


The world is your delicious oyster when it comes to our food delivery tracking links!

delivery management software on a pos screen in a restaurant being used by restaurant staff

An onward journey that continues to excite our customers is how this feature can be used to encourage restaurant customers to share their brand experience on their social media channels.


Restaurants can use VROMO to maintain brand visibility and marketing communication with customers who choose to follow them on social channels. Better still, it encourages the end user to talk about their experience with your brand, service, or order on their own social media feed.


From there, you’ve tapped into the possibility of reaching a large potential customer audience.


Seriously, have you seen the influence the likes of TikTok have been having on restaurant revenue? Crazy!


Remember, If you are struggling to:


Engage with your customers once their food order has left the restaurant


Encourage your customers to share their experience with your restaurant brand on social media


Track your ROI with your current methods of brand engagement


Make future decisions and promotions based on your customer data


then maybe using a tool like VROMO to enhance the customer delivery experience with branded food delivery tracking is the right solution for your restaurant.


Change up your delivery model to keep up with your customer’s expectations and try it for yourself.


Improve your brand engagement and capture more customers by getting your free demo of our delivery management software today!