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Designed and built for restaurants 

Make food delivery a profitable channel, increase customer satisfaction, and reduce last-mile problems for your restaurant with our delivery management solution!

Reduce delivery fees

Avail of low-cost third-party delivery fees with our exclusive discounted delivery rates. Combined with our order stacking feature that allows you to merge orders together, you can reduce operating costs by up to 24%!

Triple your delivery zones

With the VROMO Overflow feature, you can redirect excess delivery orders to third-party delivery fleets when your in-house team is at full capacity! Helping you to capture and fulfill every single order AND expand your delivery service areas.

Full control and visibility over the entire delivery process

Own your customers’ delivery experience and watch the delivery problems come to an end!

Send a text message to your customers, enabling them to track their orders in real-time. The map can be fully customized to your restaurant’s branding and colors! You can even include a prompt asking them to leave a review, tip their driver, and more.

Increase fulfillment rates by 15%

Stop rejecting orders! Our overflow feature will always make the most efficient use of your in-house drivers team or 3rd party fleets, which will allow you to capture more customers and handle higher volumes of orders with ease.

Reduce delivery times by up to 30%

Better food quality & 5-star reviews await! Leverage auto dispatch technology to automatically assign the most efficient driver to every job based on your custom rules. Automation & the coverage that comes with overflow means orders will be delivered in the fastest possible time.


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Plug & play

  • Our software solution integrates with the biggest and best order management systems in the US, including Point of Sale systems, order aggregators, and marketplace apps. This means our solution can easily connect with your current business operations.
  • Enjoy seamless and quick onboarding, with 24/7 support in the United States. available for you, your team and your entire fleet of drivers if they need help getting started with our seamless driver app!

Reporting & analytics

  • Take actionable insights from our day-to-day operations reporting tool. Identify your most efficient delivery service provider to inform future delivery schedules and so much more!

CSV download

  • Are you interested in understanding your data more deeply? Simply download your filtered jobs report as a CSV file for analysis in your favorite spreadsheet or business intelligence (BI) software.


Driven by intelligent data

Implementing VROMO requires no additional hardware or custom coding. Simply connect us to your POS to get those delivery orders flowing!


Fulfilling more than our customer expectations

We offer the most competitive delivery rates with the best delivery companies in North America, saving you up to 24% in delivery fees.


Read more about why restaurant owners love using our fleet management software to boost customer feedback and operational efficiency.

Case studies

There is nothing more important than making sure a guest feels like they get a 5* experience when their food gets delivered. We love that VROMO’s delivery management software helps to provide our guests with the best customer experience and customer service possible.

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Tom Sterrett

Papa Gino’s


Discover more benefits of using our online delivery management system

Are your restaurant delivery services struggling with the cost of last-mile delivery? You’re not alone. Take a look at our most commonly asked questions when it comes to the benefits of delivery management software. Remember to visit our main FAQ page if your question hasn’t yet been answered.

Does my restaurant need to implement custom hardware to use VROMO?

VROMO is a cloud-based solution that integrates seamlessly with your Point of Sale or order aggregator. This means that no additional hardware is required for your restaurant business!

How many days is the notice period for a cancellation?

There is a 60-day notice period if the partnership is to be terminated. This is for the benefit of the customer to allow VROMO to safely transfer and delete any relevant data. Read our terms of service to find out more.

Is there a consumer app that needs to be downloaded?

No. Unlike marketplace food delivery platforms, VROMO only comes into play once the digital transaction has occurred. Regardless of the order source, VROMO accepts orders from your Point of Sale, your order aggregator, your own website, and/or app and you can even manually input phone orders into our system. This ensures efficient & profitable delivery for every single order your restaurant receives. We do have a seamless drivers app however which enables you to manage first-party delivery as well as use 3rd party food delivery apps.

What customer support do you offer to restaurants?

We offer 24/7, personalized customer support to all of our customers. In addition, your business will be given a dedicated Customer Success Manager from the VROMO team that will onboard your team. They will also answer any questions that you have, solve any issues you are facing, recommend ways you can better use VROMO to aid strategic planning as well as be your company’s voice within VROMO.    

How does VROMO reduce delivery service costs by up to 24%?

The main way we reduce delivery costs is by acquiring discounted delivery rates from large third-party and marketplace fleets.  However, our software solution also offers many delivery efficiencies that can also help you to save on costs including order stacking, route optimization, and overflow. These restaurant-focused features help operators to eradicate costs related to fulfillment issue as does the ability to automate the entire dispatching process. Your restaurant business can expect to save on costs, expand its delivery areas 3X, increase delivery volume capabilities, improve customer retention & customer service levels, alleviate scheduling pains and so much more! VROMO customers will also get access to preferential delivery rates with both our third-party fleet and marketplace delivery platforms.