Choose a Plan that Works for You

Unlimited users, unlimited drivers, unlimited features.

Pricing for Restaurants

Pricing for Delivery Service Providers and Dark Kitchens

Tier 1

$ 219/pm

Includes 625 tasks/pm

Tier 2

$ 413/pm

Includes 1250 tasks/pm

Tier 3

$ 775/pm

Includes 2500 tasks/pm

Tier 4

$ 1450/pm

Includes 5000 tasks/pm

Tier 5

$ 2700/pm

Includes 10000 tasks/pm

Tier 6

$ 5000/pm

Includes 20000 tasks/pm

Tier 7

$ 7200/pm

Includes 30000 tasks/pm

Tier 8

$ 9200/pm

Includes 40000 tasks/pm

What you get from VROMO


Track driver locations, ETAs, and progress in real-time. Assign your drivers instantly or give them the control to pick up with autopilot.


Enhance your marketing campaigns so you can take ownership of your deliveries through branded tracking links.


Flawless integrations with our API designed for you to integrate your POS or ordering apps.
VROMO integrations

Have Questions? We Have Answers

How do you charge for VROMO?

Your monthly fee will be charged in advance. Additional tasks will be charged monthly in arrears.

What payment methods are accepted?

You can pay for your subscription using Stripe auto payments or bank transfers. Get in touch for more information.

What is a task?

A task is the unit of dispatch, tracking links and client billing that should be able to be completed by one driver. For billing purposes, tasks are counted when completed through VROMO.

Who is VROMO integrated with?

You can find a list of our partners and integrations here
We have an open API which you can access at