VROMO Pricing

VROMO Pricing

How do you pay for VROMO?

With VROMO pricing, there are no surprises. What you see is exactly what you get, month after month, bill after bill.

Our promise to you: transparent pricing. VROMO is open to your success. Our pricing is too. What you see is exactly what you get. No surprises—just unlimited users, unlimited drivers and unlimited features.


 Unlike others in this space, we’ll never charge our customers twice for a single order. That might sound obvious, but we’ve found that some vendors break ‘pickup’ and ‘delivery’ into two tasks and associate costs to each. With VROMO? A task = an order = a delivery.

VROMO charges a set price per month

Unlimited users, unlimited drivers, unlimited features

$ 129
Monthly Fee Per Account
  • Orders included in base monthly fee = 370
  • Additional fee per order = $0.35
$ 129
Monthly Fee Per Account
  • Orders included in base monthly fee = 370
  • Additional fee per order = $0.35

All VROMO plans include the following

Size doesn’t matter. All VROMO plans get the same features and functions, bells and whistles and our undivided customer attention.

Unlimited drivers and dispatchers

There are no charges or costs associated with adding users to the system, whether they are dispatch operators, corporate users or drivers.

Status-triggered customer notifications

Use the app to keep drivers in the loop with status-triggered customer notifications and through the web portal for dispatchers.

Brand the customer-tracking experience

When customer’s track their order, their experience doesn’t have to be a bland and boring SMS. VROMO gives you the flexibility to easily brand the food and driver’s journey all the way to the doorstep. Use your own ‘from’ address and customize the message with your branding and campaign details — or any content you’d like, whether that’s a promotion, video, customer reviews, driver tipping and more. It’s configurable, easy and all yours.

Dashboard and driver app analytics

Our rich reporting and analytics data is available to all users, small and large, to help you learn, grow and operate more efficiently. More informed means more opportunities for profit.

Consistent and simple integrations

With VROMO, you can integrate your existing online ordering or POS or use Zapier. We won’t  charge you additional integration fees — if we have an integration in place, it’s available for our customers to use. If not, we can support you through Zapier or other channels.

Anonymized driver to customer communication (calls + SMS)

Privacy and security are not negotiable. We want our customers to know that communication between drivers and their customers doesn’t mean sharing private information. We do that by anonymizing any communication — whether that’s a text or a phone call. No one needs anyone’s personal contact information, just their order.

World class 24/7 customer support

When our customers are open and delivering, we are too.

World class 24/7 customer support

When our customers are open and delivering, we are too.

What you get from VROMO

Track driver locations, ETAs, and progress in real-time. Assign your drivers instantly or give them the control to pick up with autopilot.

Enhance your marketing campaigns so you can take ownership of your deliveries through branded tracking links.

Flawless integrations with our API designed for you to integrate your POS or ordering apps.

Have Questions?
We Have Answers

Your monthly fee will be charged in advance. Additional deliveries/orders will be charged monthly in arrears.

In our world, a task is simply an order or a delivery. We don’t charge our customers twice for a single order by breaking ‘pickup’ and ‘delivery’ into two tasks and associating costs to each. You cannot fulfill an order unless you pick it up from the restaurant — so why should we include two costs or charges for a single order? A task = an order = a delivery.

You can find a list of our partners and integrations here. 
We have an open API which you can access at docs.vromo.io.

You can pay for your subscription using Stripe auto payments or bank transfers. Get in touch for more information.

SMS and in-app calls and messages are all included in our plans. No after-the-fact charges. 

We estimate telephony costs based on order volume and provide that level of transparency and predictability to our customers up-front. We set fair usage caps based on the predicted number of orders and the only extra charges are associated with overages on orders/deliveries in a monthly period.


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