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Transform your delivery process with VROMO + Chowly

Our fleet management software seamlessly integrates with the Chowly online ordering system to improve delivery efficiency, boost restaurant profitability and increase customer satisfaction.

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Here’s how the integration works

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Your customer orders food delivery through your restaurant’s website, app, or third-party app

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Chowly’s online ordering platform receives the order, processes it, and passes it to VROMO

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VROMO automatically selects the most suitable delivery service provider and sends instructions via the VROMO driver app or third-party delivery app

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A text message is sent to customers containing an order tracking link, giving them the ability to receive real-time updates about their orders


Benefits for Chowly customers

Transform your restaurant’s delivery operations with VROMO’s powerful delivery management solution integrated with Chowly. With our partnership, you can take last-mile delivery to new heights of efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Reduce delivery times by up to 20%

Auto dispatch technology eliminates time spent manually dispatching orders, resulting in improved driver performance and timely delivery

Increase fulfillment by up to 15%

With access to multiple fleet partners, your restaurant can maximize fulfillment levels. We’ll even provide you with exclusive discounted delivery costs to ensure your delivery  operating costs are reduced by up to 24%!

Exceed customer expectations

Improve the delivery experience and increase customer loyalty by sending order updates via SMS notification to customers once their order has been dispatched. Personalize the message with branded content, a prompt to leave customer feedback and so much more!

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Plug and play

With the VROMO and Chowly integration, you can level up your restaurant’s entire delivery process. With our code-free and hardware-free integration you can enjoy seamless and quick onboarding, with 24/7 US-based support available for you and your team.


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Reduce the total cost of your delivery operations by up to 24% with VROMO’s food delivery management software!

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  • our delivery management system integration with Chowly works
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  • to cut out manual processes, reduce delivery times and drive down costs with delivery partners
  • to automate delivery operations for maximum efficiency, optimize routes, track the right delivery metrics, and deliver an exceptional customer experience

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