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Reduce the total cost of your delivery operations by up to 24% with VROMO's food delivery management software!

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Our power is numbers

Market-leading statistics to provide you with confidence about our online food delivery software

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Fulfill 15% more of your delivery orders by using VROMO
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Expand your delivery zones by 3x
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Reduce the time it takes to deliver your orders by 15%
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Reduce the cost of your delivery operations by 24% with low-cost delivery

What you get with VROMO's key features

Already using an all-in-one POS or order aggregator and don’t want to add another piece of custom hardware to your tech stack? We integrate seamlessly with your POS or order aggregator and pride ourselves on our speedy onboarding process. 

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Assign jobs to your delivery drivers instantly or give them the control to pick up with our customizable auto-dispatch rules. Set parameters such as vehicle type, best delivery route based on the distance to the restaurant and so much more. Automate the entire delivery operation and free up your team to spend time on what really matters to your restaurant, the food. 

Get a better picture of what’s happening with each delivery order. Track vehicles, driver pickup, jobs completed, canceled, or rejected & why, analyze driver history to incentivize drivers to perform better, and build advanced reports with our reporting & analytics tool. 

Take control of the customer journey and delight customers by keeping them up-to-date on the status of their orders and being transparent about the delivery time. Send real-time tracking links with customizable, branded marketing campaigns to encourage customers to engage with your brand and allow them to use real-time chat to communicate with their driver.

All VROMO food delivery dispatch software plans include the following

Cure last-mile delivery problems with one solution. All VROMO plans get the same advanced features and functions, bells and whistles, and our undivided customer attention.

Unlimited drivers and dispatchers

There are no charges or costs associated with adding users to the system, whether they are dispatch operators, corporate users or a delivery person.

Status-triggered notifications

Keep customers up-to-date on the status of their order and keep drivers in the loop with status-triggered order notifications and keep in contact about the individual orders' whereabouts with driver chat. 

Ability to brand the customer-tracking experience

When customers track their orders, their experience doesn’t have to be bland and boring. VROMO gives you the flexibility to easily brand the food and driver’s journey all the way to the doorstep with our food delivery tracking software. Customize the message with your branding and marketing campaign details — or any content you’d like, whether that’s a promotion, video, customer reviews, user ratings, driver tipping, and more. It’s configurable, easy, and will help to generate more positive user ratings for your restaurant!

Dashboard and driver app analytics

Our rich reporting and analytics tool gives you access to deep, real-time analytics and is available to all users to help you learn, grow and operate more efficiently. More information means more opportunities for your food delivery service. Knowledge is power!

Consistent and simple integrations

With VROMO, you can integrate your existing online ordering software, POS or order aggregator with us. We won’t charge you additional integration fees — if we have an integration in place, it’s available for our customers to use. If not, we can support you through Zapier or other channels. 

Anonymized driver to customer communication (calls + SMS)

Privacy and security are not negotiable. We want our customers to know that communication between drivers and their customers doesn’t mean sharing private information. We do that by anonymizing any communication — whether that’s a text or a phone call. No one needs drivers' or customers' real contact information, just their order.

FAQ and support

World class 24/7 customer support

When our customers are open and delivering, we are too. Our stand-out service is available 24/7. Remember, you can always contact us here

FAQ and support

World class 24/7 customer support

When our customers are open and delivering, we are too.

Our partners

Papa Gino's CEO Tom Sterrett set against a red/black gradient background. The Papa Gino's logo is set to the bottom left of the image.

“The delivery process is a big part of Papa Gino’s restaurant business. There is nothing more important to us than making sure a guest feels like they get a 5-star delivery experience when their food gets to their door. We love the fact that VROMO’s delivery management software helps us to provide our guests with the best customer experience and customer service possible, whether it’s using our own drivers or leveraging a great partner like DoorDash Drive Portal to handle overflow orders in peak times. Over the last two years, the demand for food delivery has skyrocketed. We have met our customers’ expectations by expanding our food delivery capabilities and increasing our delivery volume capabilities. This wouldn’t have been possible without VROMO”

Tom Sterrett

CEO at

Papa Gino’s

Tom Sterrett

Chief Executive Officer at Papa Gino’s


27a, George’s Court,
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Co. Waterford

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