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Stoner’s Pizza case study

Download the case study now to learn all about how our online restaurant delivery management system transformed Stoner’s Pizza’s delivery process.

In this case study you’ll learn

  • How pizza delivery software helps restaurant owners to automate delivery operations and increase delivery options
  • How pizza restaurants can significantly reduce delivery fees by partnering with an online delivery management system that can give them access to exclusive delivery rates
  • How Stoner’s Pizza Joint used multiple delivery integrations to create an efficient delivery process and fulfill up to 15% more delivery orders

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Changes they saw after implementing our delivery management software 

Stoner’s Pizza restaurant witnessed an increase in customer satisfaction by using VROMO’s key features!


Stoner’s Pizza Joint now fulfill up to 15% more orders with their improved delivery services


Having more delivery drivers at hand helped Stoner’s Pizza Joint to reduce delivery times by up to 20%


Stoner’s Pizza Joint reduced their third-party delivery fees by up to 24% with the help of VROMO

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a cheese pizza with tomatoes and rosemary on the side
Delivery is a big part of Papa Gino’s business, and there is nothing more important to us than making sure a guest feels like they get a 5-star guest experience when their food gets to their door. We love the fact that VROMO allows us to manage our deliveries so we can meet customer expectations. Whether it’s using our own delivery agents or leveraging a great delivery partner like DoorDash Drive to handle overflow deliveries during peak times or to help us expand our delivery zones. This wouldn’t be possible without VROMO’s multi-restaurant delivery software.
headshot of tom sterrett

Tom Sterrett

Chief Executive Office at Papa Gino’s