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May 25, 2018

Welcome to VROMO! Below is a summary of our privacy practices when you use the VROMO web app or VROMO Driver mobile app.

What information do we collect about you?

  • Account information provided to us when you create a VROMO account such as your email address, name, and picture.
  • Information about your use of VROMO such as IP address, information about your specific device (operating system and web browser),
    preferences, and information about your interaction with VROMO including mouse clicks, and button presses.
  • Information provided to us when creating jobs in VROMO including pickup and drop-off addresses, customer contact information, and a
    description of the job.

How we collect information about you

  • Provided by you – When interacting with VROMO, such as when creating jobs through the web app, or completing jobs as a driver with the
    VROMO driver app, we ask you to provide information to us through a number of forms.
  • From other users – VROMO users may enter information about you including your name, email address, and street address, when
    creating jobs in VROMO.
  • When using VROMO – Information about your VROMO usage is collected automatically.

Information we share with third parties

We won’t share any information about with third parties except in the cases outlined below.

  • We share usage information with third parties Amplitude, Google Analytics, and Inspectlet.
  • We provide your phone number to our SMS service provider, Twilio, to allow anonymous conversations between you and your delivery driver
    and for us to send you alerts when the driver is en route.
  • We’ll send information to third parties through webhooks or websockets as explicitly requested by you by either registering a
    webhook or connecting to our websocket API.
  • Stripe is our payment processor. We share your name and payment information with them to receive payment. You can view Stripe’s
    privacy policy at
  • We may use anonymised data sets to collaborate with research institutions such as universities for research and development

How we use information collected about you

We use information about you to:

  • Offer you services – We use information about you to facilitate the VROMO platform as outlined in our terms of service.
  • Communicate – We use your email address and name to communicate with you about new features, transactions, and support requests.
  • Offer you the most relevant jobs – When using VROMO we’ll use your location to send you the nearest job offers.
  • Improve our services – We use information about your use of VROMO to gain insight into your use of the product and inform future changes
    we make to the platform.
  • If you are a Pizza Hut customer we will send you SMS communications for the purpose of tracking your delivery.

We process the above information under the following circumstances:

  • When you have consented to the use of your information.
  • To perform services requested by you, or respond to communications.
  • We have a legitimate interest to use your personal data:
    • To operate the VROMO platform.
    • To analyze your use of the platform to improve services and inform future feature development.
  • To conduct research and development activities, we may use aggregated data sets to develop and test new algorithms.

Access to your information

  • You can request a copy of all information we hold about you by sending a request to

Opt out

    • Email communications
      • If you no longer wish to receive emails from us you can use the unsubscribe button located at the bottom of the email.
    • Mobile devices
      • We send you push notifications when new jobs become available. You can opt out by changing the push notification settings on
        your device.
      • We collect location information automatically while you use VROMO driver. You can opt out by changing the location settings on your mobile device. Note you will no longer be able to receive automatically dispatched jobs after disabling location
    • Web browser
      • We store some information and preferences on your device using local storage and cookies. You can opt out by adjusting your web
        browsers settings.
      • You can opt out of Amplitude, Inspectlet, and Google Analytics tracking by visiting the following links. Note as opting out uses cookies you will need to opt out on each device you use.
    • Research
      • You may inform us if you don’t wish your data to be included in any anonymised data sets for research and development

In addition you may withdraw consent at any time and can request that personal information we hold about you be amended or deleted by
sending a request to


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