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Revolutionizing food delivery for restaurant operators

We work with some of the most successful restaurants and delivery businesses in the US. Our delivery management software has completely transformed their entire delivery process. They now experience fewer last-mile delivery problems resulting in customer satisfaction, a reduction in delivery times, and a highly profitable delivery channel.
Case study

How DeliverThat delivery business cut delivery costs and increased fulfilment capacity

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We now have transparency in every facet of our business our drivers, customers, and restaurants. With VROMO in place, we’ve been able to shave expenses drastically and improve our fulfillment rate by over 7 points, which in our business is an incredible improvement in operational efficiency. 
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Darien Terrell

CEO @ DeliverThat

Case study

Papa Gino’s: The power of a comprehensive delivery management solution

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Delivery is a big part of Papa Gino’s business, and there is nothing more important to us than making sure a guest feels like they get a 5-star guest experience when their food gets to their door. We love the fact that VROMO allows us to manage our deliveries so we can meet customer expectations. Whether it’s using our own delivery agents or leveraging a great delivery partner like DoorDash Drive to handle overflow deliveries during peak times or to help us expand our delivery zones. This wouldn’t be possible without VROMO’s multi-restaurant delivery software.
headshot of tom sterrett

Tom Sterrett

Chief Executive Office at Papa Gino’s

Case study

Stoner’s Pizza Joint delivery transformation

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With VROMO in play we have increased sales across the board and their solution has allowed us to capture all sales with confidence. VROMO has helped us to introduce a profitable, hybrid delivery model and our turn times have never been more accurate.
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Scott Mobley



Our power is in numbers

Our market-leading statistics will provide you with confidence in our delivery management software solution and showcase how your restaurant can meet your customer expectations by using the best-in-class delivery management software in the industry.


Fulfil 15% more of your delivery orders by using VROMO’s overflow feature


Expand the areas you deliver food to by 3x


Reduce the time it takes to deliver your orders by 15%


Reduce the cost of your delivery operations by 24% with low-cost delivery


What our customers think of us

Read more about how restaurant operators are using our online food delivery solution to make better operational decisions when it comes to delivery.

The VROMO integration will allow Sauce to connect with local delivery companies across the US. It will help us continue to connect local restaurants with couriers and customers in a way that benefits local economies everywhere.

Li-ran Navon

Founder & CEO @ Sauce

There is nothing more important than making sure a guest feels like they get a 5* experience when their food gets delivered. We love that VROMO’s delivery management software helps to provide our guests with the best customer experience and customer service possible.

headshot of tom sterrett

Tom Sterrett

Papa Gino’s

Restaurants now have the option to use their own employees as drivers using VROMO software and when things get busy, they switch to Skipcart’s driver network for overflow. With the power of VROMO giving restaurants that flexibility and Skipcart’s vast network of drivers, it completely can change the way a restaurant thinks about third-party delivery.

Ben Jones

Former CEO @ Skipcart

With VROMO in play, we have increased sales across the board and their solution has allowed us to capture all sales with confidence. VROMO has helped us to introduce a profitable hybrid delivery model and our turn times have never been more accurate.

Scott Mobley

Stoner’s Pizza Joint

Our partnership with VROMO helps Square provide even greater value to our restaurant sellers offering delivery. This integration will provide sellers with the technology they need to reduce costs and increase profit while maximizing their delivery potential.

Bryan Solar

Former GM of Restaurants @ Square

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All questions about case studies

If you’re looking to find out more about if VROMO is the right fit for your restaurant, take a look at some of the most commonly asked questions by restaurant owners and managers below.

Struggling to find the answer to your question? Visit our main FAQ page!

Can I use VROMO in my country?

VROMO is accessed via the internet and works seamlessly throughout most of the world meaning no matter where your restaurant is located, you can access VROMO.

Our dashboard can be accessed through a browser, and the driver app for Android and iOS is made available globally. VROMO currently relies on services that are not accessible from within China, so if you are based in China and really want to use VROMO, please contact us to discuss your options.

Can my restaurant be notified about when to start cooking certain orders through driver triggers?

You can set timers in the dispatcher dashboard under the auto-dispatch rules section for when the job would go out to the drivers. We can also link VROMO to a KDS system for kitchen track.

What can I do with the tracking link feature?

With our real-time delivery order tracking feature, you can send push notifications via SMS to your customers who can then track their delivery order right to their door!

With this, you can easily run personalized marketing campaigns on the tracking link page to help you upsell, cross-sell, ask for feedback, give the customer the option for contactless delivery or to tip their delivery driver and so much more!

It’s also a great feature to improve the delivery experience for the customer and aid proof of delivery should a customer ever have an issue!

Who owns the data related to the deliveries my restaurant fulfills?

The Data is owned and controlled by the Client. They have the right to transfer the data and it is mentioned in the terms of the contract.

What about data & privacy?

VROMO will store your company’s data in Australia, US, or Ireland by default. For premium users, your account can be hosted in your local country or on dedicated servers for your company. Please contact our support team if you need further information.