The easy way to manage your deliveries

Automate your entire delivery operation across multiple sites, geographies or delivery partners to ensure the most efficient solution in place 

Eliminate the guesswork for drivers and create a clear way to work


The VROMO Driver app, on iOS or Android, allows a seamless connection between you and your team.

Drivers download the app to receive job offers, instructions and updates on the progress of jobs.


You and your drivers will have the option to chat with each other in real time on each individual order.

Drivers download the app to receive job offers, instructions and updates on the progress of jobs.

Create an effortless experience for your managers


Track live progress from a bird’s eye view of your whole fleet and make real-time decisions.

The VROMO driver app continuously sends location updates to the VROMO admin portal. 


Your data, your control. View all your jobs in the job list and see all your data on the map.

Drivers download the app to receive job offers, instructions and updates on the progress of jobs.

VROMO Job List Reporting

Create a seamless experience for your customers


Send a live tracking link via SMS so customers can track the driver to their door.

No more anxious phone calls and more happy repeat customers.

Powered by our market-leading AI technology

Put job dispatch on autopilot by creating sophisticated sets of policies to automatically assign deliveries to the right driver.

Unassigned drivers
Closest drivers
Best performing or highest rated drivers
Internal team members vs contractor's client drivers (so you can provide an overflow driver service)
The right vehicle type for the job

Manage by site or by job

Not all jobs are the same. Keep the conveninece of automatic job dispatch while also creating multiple sets of dispatch rules to manage different jobs in different ways.

Assign jobs to drivers

Choose a driver for a job and send them out instantly via drag and drop by clicking on the assign button. Assign multiple jobs by shift clicking them on the map or in the job list.

Driven by intelligent data


VROMO provides an open API for you to integrate your POS or ordering apps. You can also implement code-free integration with many popular apps using Zapier. Extract live data through the API into your internal data for analysis tools or make use of VROMO’s reporting and analysis capabilities.


Get insight into your operation through the jobs report. Drill down by date or job attributes to uncover insights about particular drivers, vendors or product types and identify trends by time of day, day of week, and over time.


If you need further analysis, download your filtered jobs report as a CSV file for analysis in your favorite spreadsheet program or for import into BI or other software.

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