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Restaurant-focused features

Jumpstart your restaurant food delivery services and boost customer satisfaction with restaurant delivery software.


Order Overflow

With our unique Overflow feature, you can easily capture and fulfill excess delivery orders by redirecting them to one of our multiple 3rd party delivery fleetsor delivery service providers.


Do this when the delivery volume becomes overwhelming for your internal delivery team of restaurant delivery drivers or when delivery locations are outside of the self-delivery sweet spot!


The best bit? This feature assists in reducing the cost of last-mile delivery as we provide you with discounted 3rd party delivery costs!


Auto Dispatch Technology

Our delivery dispatch software will reduce the time it takes you to deliver to customers by up to 20%!


Auto Dispatch Technology allows users to apply customized rules to individual orders, ensuring the most efficient delivery service provider (whether 1st party or 3rd party) receives the job every single time.


These rules can be as simple or complex and can include a wide range of parameters such as driver distance to the store, jobs containing restricted items (i.e. alcohol), the maximum number of jobs the driver has, the value of the order and so much more.


This feature combines human and digital processes to help restaurants improve delivery performance and meet customer expectations.


Food Delivery Tracking

See an increase in happy customers with Real-Time Order Tracking.


Our delivery management solution offers restaurants the ability to send customers real-time delivery updates via SMS notification once their order has been dispatched.


Within the tracking experience, restaurants can also create and deliver custom marketing campaigns to customers while they wait.


While encouraging customers to take advantage of your special offer or join your loyalty program you can prompt them to leave a review on social media or tip their delivery driver.


To further improve the customer delivery experience, customers can communicate anonymously with their delivery driver via our food delivery tracking feature.


Reporting and Analytics

Identify the gaps in your delivery business operations and improve delivery efficiency with valuable insights available to you within the VROMO platform.


Our Reporting & Analytics offers full visibility of delivery drivers to restaurant business owners, regardless of the external fleet they work for. This means you’ll get real-time visibility into the entire delivery process, including any orders fulfilled by third-party delivery companies and marketplace fleet.


In addition to this, with real-time tracking, you can analyze customer preferences, order history, jobs completed, proof of delivery and so much more to inform future decisions.


Driver Chat

Our seamless driver app allows for convenient restaurant and driver interaction.


This allows real-time updates to be received by both parties to improve driver performance and prevent any last-mile delivery problems such as forgotten items.


Within our delivery management app, delivery teams can gain access to real-time job offers, instructions, and updates to ensure maximum efficiency.

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Reinventing how customers engage with your restaurant

Improve how your customer experiences delivery with our online food delivery management system.


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Learn more about our features

We are proud to have created a delivery management software solution that understands and solves the problems associated with hot food delivery. Below, you’ll find some of our most frequently asked questions about our food delivery management software features and if your question hasn’t been answered, you may find it on our FAQ page.

Are there costs associated with using VROMOs additional features?

Unlike other food delivery management software or fleet management solutions, we do not implement additional costs for restaurants looking to use our advanced features. This means you have access to all VROMO features with one single subscription, making our dispatch management solution the most effective and affordable option for your restaurant!

Are these food delivery software features available to use on a trial basis?

After jumping on a call with one of our sales reps to find out if our delivery dispatch software is a good fit for your restaurant, our team will get you set up with a free trial account to play around with and showcase what features are available to you

How can using VROMO’s features benefit my restaurant business?

By using the features outlined above, many of our customers have seen great success by:
  • Increasing order fulfillment rates by up to 24%
  • Taking the fastest routes to reduce delivery times by up to20%
  • Tripling their delivery areas
  • Capturing more user reviews
  • Creating an efficient delivery process
  Read our case study with Stoners Pizza to find out more.

Are VROMO’s features user-friendly?

Our features are extremely user-friendly. If you’re apprehensive about training your team members or delivery staff on how to use them, don’t worry. Our customer support team will complete an entire onboarding process with you and your team to ensure everyone is on the same page.   You can also check out our knowledge center to learn more!