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Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re looking to learn more about VROMO or have a specific question, all of our FAQs are listed below. This extensive list covers questions that were not listed on our individual website pages.

If your question hasn’t been covered in this section, please contact us or email us at information@vromo.io.

Remember, if you have a specific question about our software platform and its key features, payments or anything delivery related, the chances are, others do too!

What are the benefits of food delivery software like VROMO for restaurants?

Restaurant brands can expect to reduce the total cost of their delivery operations by up to 24% as well as expand their delivery zones 3X. Read more about how Papa Gino’s achieved this success.

Can VROMO improve my restaurant order fulfillment levels?

Yes, VROMO can improve fulfillment levels by 15%. By using our overflow feature, your restaurant will be able to benefit from serving new areas and higher volumes of orders with ease. Our overflow feature will always make the most efficient use of your in-house drivers team or 3rd party fleets.

Can VROMO help me to take back control of the customer journey?

VROMO enables restaurants to own the entire delivery experience, regardless of what fleet delivers the order. With our branded tracking link restaurants can keep their customers up-to-date on their orders. This feature is completely customizable so you can insert your own branded images, coupons, reviews, videos, logos and so much more. For more information on the benefits of branded order tracking you can read about how restaurants use VROMO to incentivize their customers and own the customer journey over on our blog.

How can VROMO help me to extend my delivery zones?

When you partner with VROMO you partner with multiple fleets. This means that when your in-house drivers reach delivery capacity, you can overflow orders to the many fleets we have around the US whether it be DoorDash, Uber, or a more local fleet like DeliverThat. This will enable you to capture more customers, put a halt to rejecting orders and deliver to more locations than possible with your own fleet of drivers.

How do you charge for VROMO?

Your monthly financial transaction will be charged in advance. Additional deliveries/orders will be charged monthly in arrears.

Are there hidden fees/additional costs I should be aware of?

No. Your VROMO account comes with all key features including unlimited users & drivers.

Will there be a reduction in price if the SMS Notifications/Tracking link is not included?

Yes, the restaurant will not incur SMS notification costs and the monthly pricing would reduce.

Does VROMO accept credit/debit card payments?

Yes, we accept credit/debit card payments with Visa, Mastercard & Amex.

Can I create jobs using Zapier and if so, how?

You can read the guides in our knowledge center to learn more about how to create jobs using Zapier.

Do I have access to delivery integrations during my free trial with VROMO?

Flipdish and Deliverect integrations are the only ones we work with during a free trial as these are not complex, especially when dealing with SMB clients. We can activate other integrations for enterprise clients during the free trial if needed. Visit our integrations page to find out who else we integrate with.

How can I stay up to date on who you integrate with in the future?

You can subscribe to our newsletter to get the latest insights into food delivery software delivered directly to your inbox. You can also stay up to date on what we’re doing for our customers in the food delivery space by following our blog and social accounts: Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

Are SMS and phone calls supported through VROMO?

SMS and phone services through VROMO are provided through an integration with Twilio. Twilio is able to send SMS messages to most carriers in most countries. You may notice that messages are from phone numbers that are not from your local company. Please contact support to request a local phone number to be added. Phone number masking for communications between drivers and customers is currently enabled in Australia, New Zealand, UK, USA, Canada, and Ireland. If you need numbers to be masked outside of these countries, we are happy to make the functionality available where it is supported by Twilio.

Why has my screen gone blank/white?

If this happens, simply refresh your browser page. For best practice clear the browser cache & refresh again.

Why is the address on VROMO showing incorrectly on the map?

If an address contains incomplete, incorrect, or duplicate information it will not appear on the map correctly. On jobs where the address maps incorrectly, drivers need to tap the 3 dots on the top right-hand side of the job, tap ‘Report an Issue’, and then ‘Location Difficulty’. Addresses can also be manually amended by dispatch staff if necessary.

Why are delivery orders not populating on VROMO?

Please check the till system, the VROMO application should be running in the background. If this has closed for any reason please restart and orders will start coming through.

Why can’t I see completed jobs on my dashboard?

When jobs are completed, they are added to the Driver Reports Section.

Why can’t I see my driver?

Drivers must be logged on to the VROMO drivers app, have their location turned on, be toggled to ‘Available’ on the driver app, and have their location settings to ‘Allow all the time’ to be seen in the dashboard.

What is a Job Template/Blueprint?

A job template/blueprint is a compilation of tasks to complete a delivery (e.g. Pickup from a restaurant).

How do I set up a new dashboard user in my VROMO account?

To set up a new dashboard user please follow these steps:
  • Navigate to ‘teams’ in the side menu on your dashboard
  • Select ‘New dashboard user’ and enter the new users’ email address, and select their role & their group.
  • Click the save button to submit the new dashboard user.

How do I set up a new driver in my VROMO account?

To set up a new driver in the VROMO dashboard follow these steps:   Click the teams’ icon on VROMO.   Click ‘New Driver’.   Enter the delivery driver’s email address, the details of the store & location they are driving for (e.g. Burger Co Phibsboro) & the group they should be saved on.   Click ‘Add driver’.     The driver will then get an email welcoming them to VROMO, asking them to download the app, and requesting that they reset their password. Once they do this they will be able to log into the VROMO Driver App.

I am not getting offers/other drivers are getting offers but I am not, what do I do?

Ensure your location is turned on, and if on Android, you have enabled “High Accuracy” GPS. Contact the delivery company you work with to make sure they have you set up on the right team/auto-dispatcher etc.

The food delivery app will not let me sign in, why?

If you are having login issues or you forgot your password, you can reset your password.

Does the app work with my iPhone, iPad, or Android device?

Yes, the VROMO Driver App is available for both Android and iOS.