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Food delivery isn’t in decline, Dominos Pizza sales figures are

Read about Domino’s Pizza delivery operations and learn more about how SMB restaurants can replicate the delivery experience.

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Since its inception in the early 1960s, Domino’s Pizza has always been at the forefront of innovation in the food delivery industry.


Throughout the decades, right through to today, they’ve invested heavily in technology and even pioneered the ‘turn-of-the-century’ real-time order delivery tracking capabilities for restaurants in order to improve the customer delivery experience. 


However, even at the peak of its delivery mountain, Domino’s Pizza is still facing significant challenges regarding its delivery operations.


And so begs the question: “if Domino’s Pizza, a company that is at the top of its 18,000+ site delivery mountain, is struggling to make its delivery channel more efficient and profitable, at what stage of the climb are smaller restaurant brands finding themselves when it comes to THEIR delivery mountain?


A tricky question to answer, given the sheer scale and complexity of the task at hand, but let’s find out by asking the right set of questions to give us an idea of where you’re at on your brand journey.

Are you a restaurant or a technology company?


If you’re reading this, you’re more than likely a restaurant brand (or Ghost Kitchen – we don’t discriminate) with anywhere between 1-1000 sites.


You’re not a technology company and you’re certainly not as big as Domino’s Pizza…

…yet at least.


For this reason, you need to STOP comparing your restaurant brands’ journey to that of Domino’s!


Many SMB or mid-market restaurants do not have access to the same resources or expertise as Domino’s Pizza in order to make their delivery process or driver performance more efficient.


This makes total sense considering restaurants are focused on making killer food, not building integrations, developing delivery driver apps, or food delivery software.


As a result, restaurant operators are not as efficient as they can be.


Many operators are not taking in orders from multiple sources, they are not considering using multiple fulfillment options, many tasks are still manual and outsourcing delivery to a third party is hurting their margins.


It is these gaps where operators need to outsource delivery to their POS provider (like Square or Toast) or directly through a delivery management software solution.


By doing so, operators can fulfill more delivery orders by up to 15%, reduce delivery wait times by up to 30%, build customer loyalty, and take back control over the entire process.


It’s a win-win.

How can restaurant brands like yours reach the summit by outsourcing their delivery operations?

There are many ways for restaurant operators to reach the peak of their delivery mountain.


If you’re looking to see what


  • an increase in demand for food delivery
  • true customer satisfaction via an improved digital experience
  • an empowered, low-cost delivery channel


looks like, we’d be happy to showcase it.


Order volume – In order to acquire new online customers, operators need to list on all marketplace apps. This may seem overwhelming as a concept but, by using an order aggregator such as ItsaCheckmate or Deliverect can help your restaurant business to remove the risk of embarking on a dangerous journey. They do this by providing you with a single source to update your online menu items across all platforms, without having to add any new hardware to the shelf.


Scalability – Ensuring the delivery process is streamlined will help your internal team to focus on what truly matters, the food and the dine-in customer service. A delivery management system that can easily connect with your POS provider can help you automate the dispatching process. This will generate faster delivery times, making your delivery channel more efficient & scalable. Without it, it’s kind of like hiking Croke Patrick without shoes, doable but not desirable.


Profitability – Self-delivery is a huge undertaking for restaurants. It comes with many pitfalls such as fulfillment capabilities & employment risks. Outsourcing excess delivery orders to a third-party fleet during times of peak demand or simply when your in-house team reaches capacity will help you to optimize your delivery channel even further. Using delivery management software can give you complete visibility over orders delivered by third-party fleets and even help you to avail of discounted delivery rates.

restaurant worker entering information into a POS

What’s the view like?


In conclusion, while Domino’s Pizza has been crushing it in the food delivery industry, smaller restaurant brands are still struggling to make their delivery process efficient and profitable.


But fear not – smart, reliable delivery technology is here to save the day!


By streamlining the dispatching process and outsourcing excess orders, restaurants can optimize their delivery channel and increase their profits faster than you can say “pizza delivery.” And the best part? You don’t need to be a tech genius like Tony Stark to do it.


With the right delivery solution provider, you can replicate the success of Domino’s Pizza without breaking the bank.


Don’t wait for your delivery strategy to become outdated before you get to work.


With Restaurant Dive reporting that 50% of operators plan to deploy automation tech in 2 to 3 years, the secret sauce is to begin your journey to the summit today.


Start by identifying any red flags in your delivery operations.


And remember, the view from the top is always better.