Why employing restaurant delivery drivers could solve the pitfalls of the gig economy

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As the restaurant delivery market continues to grow, so does the issue of managing this expanding workforce.  

  • There are tens of thousands gig economy drivers working in poor conditions for marketplace brands. 
  • Many do not have a visa to work which is forcing them to rent a profile from others, reducing their potential income. 
  • As contractors, not employees, there are no additional benefits provided to drivers from brands benefiting from the boom in delivery 
  • Many do not have commercial insurance because they cannot afford the blanket cover for the year

While VROMO software, through our integration with Zego, offers on demand commercial insurance – which is a fraction of the cost of an annual policy – we’re also urging the government to provide more support and control within the sector. 

One measure should be to incentivise restaurants to hire gig economy workers as employees. This would not only solve the visa issue but ensure adequate insurance was in place.

The administration that goes with calculating weekly pay for drivers doesn’t have to be painful and time consuming either. Software such as VROMO automates payroll calculations. 

By taking control of food delivery, a restaurant can simultaneously improve its profitability. Businesses can avoid the typical 15% delivery charge when using marketplace apps by hiring their own drivers and manage the process much more effectively – resulting in happier drivers and customers – through a restaurant delivery software tool such as VROMO to manage their fleet in the most efficient way possible. 

To talk to us about the benefits of our restaurant delivery software please get in touch via our home page enquiry form.


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