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5 reasons 3PD want to work with your delivery team

Explore the ways in which third-party delivery drivers can and want to successfully work with your in-house delivery team!

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food delivery driver on a bike cycling through a city in a yellow jacket

As the restaurant industry continues to recover from the pandemic, a growing number of operators are searching for ways to bring customers back, continue to provide excellent customer service, and own more of the delivery journey.


One way to achieve this is by integrating third-party delivery providers into an existing in-house delivery system using a hybrid delivery approach.


WeĀ first saw the hybrid approach to deliveryĀ be adopted by large chains like Pizza Hut in 2019. The company was able to ease some of the stress put on in-house delivery drivers, while also benefiting from being a part of a third-party delivery providerā€™s program. Using this approach, an in-house team of drivers delivers most of the orders while the third-party delivery providerā€™s program takes care of overflow and out-of-range orders.


But what are the benefits for third-party delivery providers who work with restaurants that already have in-house delivery teams? In theory, delivery service providers already have a customer base who come to them through apps, so why do they want to work with your restaurant ifĀ you already have a delivery team?


This is one of the biggest questions that comes up when restaurant operators consider taking a hybrid food delivery approach to food delivery.

However, you may be surprised at how many reasons there are for a third-party delivery driver to be interested in adding your restaurant to their route. Here are the top five.

Reason 1


More work. The pandemic pushed the food delivery industry to evolve fasterĀ than expected to answer consumer demand for faster service, lower fees and fresher food. This means that as more operators offer delivery, more driversā€”both in-house and local restaurant delivery driversā€”will be needed to handle the increase in orders. Drivers who are not located in large metropolitan areas will see the biggest increase in opportunities for more work.

restaurant delivery driver cycling a bike on the road with a red jacket and red food bag

Reason 2


Higher pay and tips. Freelance workers choose gig work for its flexibility and earning potential. Small independent restaurant operators and large chains are actively investing in the infrastructure and strategies to handle the growing trend of off-premises dining. As they look to local delivery service providers, those drivers will have more opportunities to opt-in to new deliveries and, potentially, more earnings, tips, and volume.

food delivery driver handing over food to a customer at their front door

Reason 3


Less waiting around. When a restaurant decides to recruit third-party delivery drivers to handle overflow or out-of-area orders, drivers spend less time waiting for orders to be ready. Why? Because restaurants contracting out overflow orders contact drivers when they are needed and when the orders are ready for immediate pickup, resulting in less driver downtime, fresher/hotter food, and an overall better customer experience.

delivery driver collecting an order in a restaurant

Reason 4


New customers. According to the NPD Group, 62% of all digital orders are still placed directly through restaurant websites and apps. So, when a restaurant that currently has an in-house delivery team starts working with third-party delivery providers, too, those drivers get new customers theyā€™ve likely never seen before.

delivery driver delivering food to a customer and handing her a brown paper bag

Reason 5


Predictable, repeat volume. Because the addition of off-site drivers helps with order overflow, operators are able to count on that assistance on a regular basis. In-house drivers can then maintain a regular, stable, efficient schedule, and operators spend less time worrying about overtime pay.

delivery driver on a scooter with a red food bag on the back

Third-party delivery providers are on-board with the concept, too. Many have been encouraging restaurantsĀ to have anĀ in-house self-delivery teamĀ that allows them additional flexibility to own the customer experience and provide moreĀ opportunities to existing staff.


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