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8 Steps To The Best Food Delivery Customer Experience

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There’s no denying that customer experience is important when it comes to food delivery. A customer’s bad experience can negatively impact a restaurant’s business, from leaving a negative review online, to taking to social media to complain about their experience or discouraging friends and family members from ordering in the future. 

But don’t let the fear of negative reviews stop you from rolling out an amazing food delivery strategy. We have 8 tips that can help ensure your food delivery customer experience is a positive one…

  1. Adapt Your Menu

All food was not created equal. In other words, not all food travels well! If your menu isn’t easily transferable to a delivery format, it’s time to modify and adapt. For the best customer experience possible, your dishes should be the stars of the show… and, let’s face it, no one likes to be delivered soggy or cold food. 

  1. Optimize For Mobile

One of the most impactful tips when creating a great customer experience is optimizing your website’s navigation for mobile. The best part is you don’t have to create a separate app to do this. As long as your website, especially the delivery page, is optimized for mobile your customers are more likely to have a positive user experience. Don’t forget to make sure your loading time is as short as possible.

  1. Be Transparent

If an issue with an order arises, it’s important to get to it before your customer does. Notify them before they have time to post about it online or complain elsewhere. Customers appreciate transparency so make sure you provide them with the information before too much time passes and the damage is already done.

  1. Think About Packaging

Details can often be overlooked but packaging is one of the more important details you should focus on for food delivery. Think about your brand and how you want to communicate that to your customers through how your food is packaged. For example, if you aim to promote a sustainable and eco-conscious brand, you could offer your customers compostable cutlery and containers. Just make sure you put thought into your packaging. Your customers will likely notice the finer details.

  1. Elevate Your Push Notifications

Ensure your customers are notified every step of the delivery process. To avoid customers calling the restaurant wondering when their order will arrive, notifying them every step of the way will help keep them satisfied. You can also notify them about upcoming deals and offers which will not only establish great customer relationships, it will also incentivize them to order from you again. Retention is an important revenue driver so don’t neglect it.

  1. Track Your Drivers

In order to make sure those notifications are in order you need to be able to stay in contact with and track your drivers. Investing in software that provides this solution is worth it to ensure efficiency is adopted, and ultimately, good customer experience is provided.

  1. Incentivize Online Delivery

Offer your customers perks and discounts for online food delivery. Whether you opt for straight forward discounts, free delivery, or promotional deals, keep your customers interested by offering them incentives to order your delicious food. 

  1. Keep Evolving Your Experience

Once you establish your own strategy for effective customer experience, keep an eye on how it’s performing. Always be looking to change and evolve your approach as your business progresses and your customer base grows. You never know what’s around the corner so be prepared to adjust any strategy you already have in place.


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