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Streamlining delivery operations

Like many delivery companies back in 2020, DeliverThat struggled massively with their delivery process. Once they partnered with VROMO delivery management software they were able to streamline their delivery operations, increase fulfillment rates, and drastically reduced their operational costs.

Key results

Operational expenses

DeliverThat cut their operational costs by over 10% while reducing their dependence on manual tasks

Fulfillment rates

Improved their delivery fulfillment rates by over 15% while improving the operational efficiencies of their drivers


Grew their revenue by over 300% due to VROMO’s delivery software cost-saving capabilities

Company profile

DeliverThat is an on-demand delivery business based in the US. Their company is well known for continuously seeking out new & innovative ways to enhance the delivery process.


However, in 2020, as customer demand for convenience saw a sharp increase they began to face delivery efficiency issues. Although business was on the rise, their delivery fleet was finding it difficult to keep up the momentum due to manual processes which led to a drop in fulfillment rates. They instantly knew they needed a better solution to streamline their delivery operations if they wanted to ensure customer satisfaction was kept to the highest standard.

deliverthat logo and a delivery driver on his phone using vromo delivery driver app

The challenge

DeliverThat was ready to improve its entire delivery service. They wanted to increase their delivery success rates and onboard new partners, but their past delivery software providers limited their ability to do so. The company needed to find a software solution that could free up their tech team and the CEO from manual and tedious data entry.


After an internal investigation, they identified several pain points that included:

  • Their inability and cost to integrate with new tech
  • Manual processes were too frequently required
  • Manual entry meant data was prone to errors
  • Limited transparency into logistics data
  • Unreliable driver tracking & delivery routes


After vetting several products with their leadership team and obtaining approval from their board, DeliverThat chose VROMO as their new delivery management solution.


food delivery driver handing over food to a customer at their front door

The solution

Integration with partner and customer systems

With VROMO’s open API, DeliverThat were able to seamlessly integrate with their restaurant partners and end-user customers’ back-end systems. No heavy lifting or custom hardware was required.


Automated data entry

The VROMO platform automated DeliverThat’s delivery dispatch operation across multiple customers, geographies, and drivers.


Transparency across the business

With our transparent solution, DeliverThat were able to deliver clear visibility into all facets of the business, including their delivery drivers, customers, and restaurant partners.

delivery management software on a pos screen

The result

Having partnered with VROMO, DeliverThat was able to cut operating expenses by 10%. This included the reduction of labor costs associated with manual dispatching, inefficient customer marketing, and kitchen remakes when dispatch wasn’t timely.


Fulfillment rates grew by over 15% which meant they could capture the increase in order volume they were seeing.


Being able to capture and fulfill more orders helped them to grow their revenue by over 300% and scale from 40 to over 150 metros, serving approximately 9000 zip codes.

delivery driver delivering food to a customer and handing her a brown paper bag

Lessons learned

DelivertThat’s success story shows how delivery management software like VROMO can help businesses of any size to streamline their operations and achieve growth.


With real-time tracking, automated dispatch, customized delivery windows, real-time communication, and detailed analytics and reporting, VROMO can help delivery agents to deliver orders more efficiently, resulting in happier customers and business growth.