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Why restaurants need to think like Amazon

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Delivery is now of vital importance to the restaurant sector and businesses should be looking to offer a service more akin to Amazon Prime, which we believe has set the benchmark for consumer expectations around home delivery, and step up their game in the coming months to meet what customers now see as the norm when it comes to delivery. 

While customers may still be grateful that they can get food delivered from their favourite restaurants as we enter a new lockdown in 2021, the reality is that customers aren’t going to continue to be as forgiving if the delivery experience doesn’t match up to the quality of the food they’re paying for, as delivery becomes a long term choice.

Amazon has set expectations around the delivery process, and customers, even loyal ones, will either curb the frequency of purchases from their usual eateries or switch brands because there’s a black hole in the visibility of when their food will arrive.

VROMO has been developed to enable restaurants to meet these expectations; efficiently controlling their whole delivery experience.

It’s designed for individual restaurants through to large restaurant chains that don’t want to be just another option in a directory on a food delivery app or be reliant on third party delivery teams. 

We’re partnering with brands that have built their reputation based on the quality of their food and their in-house dining experience, and who want to retain their direct relationships with customers. 

VROMO enables them to do that because we have transformed order tracking into a brand engagement opportunity for restaurants. As well as giving consumers real-time updates on the progress of their food, restaurants can also display special offer coupons, offer complimentary products or services, and advertise upcoming events. 



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