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We’ve partnered with Chowly to boost delivery business for restaurants across the US!

Read more about our most recent delivery management partnership with Chowly, the leading all-in-one digital ordering platform for restaurants today!

Partnership Announcements
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We have partnered with Chowly Online Ordering!

According to the 2023 State of the Industry Report from the National Restaurant Association, the food service industry in the US is forecast to reach $997B in sales in 2023.


As a result, embracing and adopting technology solutions such as delivery management software will play a key role in a restaurant’s business model if they expect to keep up with the growing online food delivery market that is projected to reach $269.80bn in 2023.


And for that reason, we are thrilled to announce our most recent partnership with Chowly, the all-in-one digital ordering platform for restaurants!


This latest integration partnership will facilitate easier aggregation of order management systems and delivery service fleets, helping restaurants build a scalable delivery infrastructure by boosting restaurant profitability, increasing delivery options, and creating an overall efficient delivery process.


Why did we partner with Chowly Online Ordering?

Here at VROMO, we help restaurants to operate delivery efficiently at scale, whilst providing the end customer with a digital, real-time tracking experience, from the restaurant to their home.


As leaders in the industry, we want to continue to drive innovation for restaurants looking to improve their delivery management process at an affordable rate.


Chowly’s team also shares this vision and their technology enables merchants to expand their off-premise capabilities, assisting in streamlined operations and revenue growth.


Speaking about the partnership our CEO Brian Hickey mentioned how;


“At VROMO, we pride ourselves on bringing only like-minded and operator-focused partners into our ecosystem and Chowly certainly ticks that box. With an exceptional team, a market-leading SMB and mid-market product, and a relentless focus on the user, Chowly has shown itself to have the same drive, desire, and DNA as VROMO.”


While our latest deal with Chowly has been almost nine months in the making, it can now officially be recognized as a deployable integration for restaurants looking to transform their delivery operation following the successful completion of thousands of delivery orders across the United States.


What will VROMO’s delivery management solution offer restaurants?

Integrated with Point of Sale systems, our delivery management system and its features designed specifically for hot food delivery make the entire restaurant-to-door process easier to manage for restaurants while allowing them to monitor the progress of each consignment with real-time visibility.


This serves to improve delivery performance by reducing delivery times by up to 20% as well as cutting delivery costs by up to 24% with exclusive delivery rates available through our 3rd party delivery partners.


In recent years there has been a rapid growth in the number of restaurants seeking to reduce their delivery operating costs and fulfill faster deliveries which our integration with Chowly will now allow thousands of restaurants to do instantly.


Our new partnership will provide restaurant business owners with a system that they can adjust and adapt to every operation at a locational level ultimately improving the delivery experience for the end customer.


How does the VROMO and Chowly integration work?

Our integration with Chowly works by connecting to your existing restaurant operations.


This means no hardware or heavy lifting is required from your restaurant or its delivery managers!


Partners who already leverage the capabilities of Chowly for all incoming orders, can now also have the same control over the fulfillment options available to them through using our integration.


Below you can find what the process will look like once you have VROMO connected;


  • Your customer orders food delivery through your restaurant’s website, app, or third-party app


  • Chowly’s online ordering platform receives the order, processes it, and passes it to our food delivery management software platform


  • Our system will automatically select the most suitable delivery service provider and will send instructions to the delivery driver via our seamless driver app or third-party delivery app


  • A text message will then be sent to customers containing a link that allows them to track drivers in real-time, giving them complete visibility around last-mile delivery, when their order will arrive and ultimately improving customer satisfaction


About Chowly

Chowly is the leading all-in-one digital ordering platform for restaurants that enables merchants to expand their off-premise capabilities – assisting in streamlined operations and revenue growth.


Chowly enables both established and emerging brands to quickly launch, manage, and optimize their first-party ordering platforms across web, app and kiosk, all in one place.


It also seamlessly integrates digital orders and menus with the industry’s largest marketplaces – such as Grubhub, Uber Eats, DoorDash, Google and hundreds more – directly with a restaurant’s POS system. Chowly’s mission is to simplify technology for restaurants and its portfolio of brands feature over 16,000 locations across over 3,000 restaurant brands.


To learn more about this exciting integration between two of the planet’s most popular food delivery management platforms and how it helps streamline the entire delivery process, please visit our Chowly partnership page and get started using VROMO and Chowly in tandem today!