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We have partnered with YouWrk to alleviate driver shortages across Ireland & the UK!

Read more about our most recent partnership with YouWrk, the leading recruitment and staffing solution in Ireland & the UK and how together, we are tackling the delivery driver shortage!

Partnership Announcements
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We have partnered with YouWrk!

We are proud to announce our most recent and innovative partnership with YouWrk!


This partnership is aimed at combating the persistent challenge of delivery driver shortages within the restaurant and logistics sectors throughout Ireland and the United Kingdom!


Why did we partner with YouWrk?

Having recognised the pressing need for skilled delivery drivers and efficient delivery solutions within the restaurant industry, we understood the need to provide restaurants with a solution to combat this industry-wide dilemma. 


As a result, we are combining forces with YouWrk to enable restaurants across Ireland and the UK to gain access to a vast pool of competent and dedicated delivery drivers, while harnessing the power of our advanced delivery management features to streamline their operations.


What are the key highlights for restaurant operators?

This partnership signifies a monumental step forward in addressing the longstanding challenges facing the restaurant and delivery sector.


Elevated turnover rates within the industry have resulted in reduced productivity and a decline in the quality of customer service, ultimately affecting the financial performance of numerous companies. In certain cases within the food delivery sector, businesses have reported astonishing turnover rates, with figures reaching as high as 220%.


As a result of our partnership, restaurant operators will benefit from:

  1. *Simplified Recruitment:* YouWrk will identify and onboard proficient drivers, meticulously aligning them with businesses’ specific requirements, ensuring a smooth and efficient recruitment process.


  1. *Operational Excellence:* With our cutting-edge delivery management solution, restaurants can achieve substantial reductions in delivery times by up to 20%, boost order fulfilment rates, and attain full visibility into the delivery process, thereby optimising overall operational efficiency for their restaurant.


  1. *Scalability and Flexibility:* With this partnership, restaurants will enjoy the agility to expand their internal delivery fleets and third-party partner fleets as demand fluctuates, providing a robust solution to address seasonal and market-driven fluctuations.


  1. *Elevated Customer Experience:* Faster, more efficient deliveries with the ability to track orders in real-time will further elevate the customer delivery experience, fostering brand loyalty and driving business growth for restaurants.


Commenting on the partnership, our CEO, Brian Hickey stated that; 


“We’re excited to help restaurants across Ireland and the UK to not only find great delivery drivers, but increase their delivery efficiency and fulfillment levels by working with YouWrk. VROMO was created to help restaurants optimise their delivery channel, both efficiently and cost-effectively. We’re looking forward to scaling this partnership and helping the restaurant industry grow during these challenging times”. 


Speaking about the significance of working with VROMO, YouWrk Director, George Beeby added; 


“We view our partnership with VROMO as a powerful step towards revolutionizing the restaurant delivery landscape in the UK and Ireland. By joining forces, we’re not just connecting restaurants with top-notch delivery drivers, but also enhancing their delivery operations and customer engagement. Together, we’re rewriting the playbook for restaurant delivery excellence.”


About YouWrk:


YouWrk is a dedicated recruitment partner in the fast-paced hospitality & delivery industries, committed to transforming the staffing processes. With a tailored recruitment approach, cutting-edge AI technology for compelling job descriptions and placement, and the personal touch of our Account Managers, YouWrk ensures you find exceptional staff efficiently. Benefit from time and cost savings, flexible trial periods, and a pay-for-success model, meaning you only pay when you hire through YouWrk. YouWrk’s commitment extends beyond placement, providing ongoing support for a seamless transition. Headquartered in London, YouWrk have partnered with great businesses such as Amazon, Zaap, Claridges, Hyatt along with hundreds of restaurant & logistics companies across Ireland & the UK. For more information check out youwrk.co.