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How we’re building stronger customer relationships with Hubspot

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Customer-centricity sits at the heart of what we do here at VROMO – from how we work with our own customers through to how we help them building stronger customer relationships and create a profitable restaurant delivery solution with our SaaS products.

At VROMO, we use HubSpot as our CRM. HubSpot’s CRM has allowed us to store everything under one roof from contacts, reports, dashboards, marketing, sales, and invoicing. This has not only been extremely useful but has supported us in staying competitive through enhancing our efficiency and collaboration whilst working from home during the pandemic.

Additionally, using HubSpot has made it easy for us to discuss key business concepts, collaborate on ideas about future areas of development (which is a critical component to any start-up’s growth), keep us up to date with sales and revenue through the use of reports, has unified our Marketing and Customer Service processes, but most importantly, has enabled us to develop stronger relationships with our customers.

Our Customer Success Manager Lily Mulcahy shares her thoughts on the benefits of Hubspot and why it’s a great CRM for all businesses in the hospitality industry – from start-ups to established brands.  


Customers are a vital part of the startup ecosystem as they determine if a product or service succeeds. Because most startups are still in the process of acquiring customers, they must earn their confidence and loyalty. Customer-centric working philosophies must be aggressively implemented by start-ups. This allows them to thrive and achieve long-term growth, especially in the SaaS industry. At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter what industry you’re in or what service you offer; your customers should always come first. They can assist you in developing and improving your product or service; they can also provide you with constructive feedback and inspire you to come up with new ideas.

So how do you instill a customer-centric working methodology into your business?

A Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool is the answer. A CRM is one of the most beneficial systems a start-up can use to build stronger customer relationships, increase customer retention, analyze and manage customer feedback as well as deliver actionable insights. Additionally, a CRM can also act as the main source of truth for your business where all important data will be stored instead, moving away from the traditional way of storing data in unconnected media sources such as notebooks or laptops.

Below are the main reasons why a CRM is a crucial component for any start-ups:

Getting Organized:

Believe it or not, a CRM benefits all departments within your organization from streamlining your business, sales, and marketing operations to centralizing customer interactions and even providing 24/7 support to customers, are only just a few of the benefits that a CRM can provide.

Helps you Understand your Customers:

A CRM will enable you to make better customer-centric business decisions by automatically gathering information about your customers on a more granular level. With a few clicks of a button, you can gain valuable insight through assessing customer persona’s, tracking customer patterns and identifying opportunities. Continuous data collection allows you to improve your interactions with every individual allowing you to understand your customers better.

Improves & Automates Workflow:

A CRM eliminates the bottlenecks associated with manual workflows through the use of automation. Here, you will be able to automatically follow up with leads, provide a 24/7 support channel, and even create consistency across the onboarding and implementation process for new customers.

Below is a list of tools within HubSpot’s CRM that the team at VROMO use on a daily basis….and love!

Conversations – Inbox tool: This enables us to support our customers consistently by viewing, managing, and replying to incoming emails

Contacts – Companies tool: This has been useful for transparency and insights; to ensure consistency in communication and approach regardless of who in Vromo is talking to the customer

Sales – Deals tool: Our Sales team has been able to customize the deal pipeline specific to VROMO’s sales process which has helped us to keep track of potential revenue opportunities

Service – Tickets tool: This tool has enabled us to provide first-class service to our customers by keeping track of all incoming issues and questions

Overall, a CRM makes it easy to keep in touch with customers and helps build constructive, proactive relationships across the board. It is one of the first tools that any start-up should adopt if they want to progress to the next level.




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