VROMO Partners With Glovo to Create a Seamless Delivery Experience for Restaurants Across Europe

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Strategic partnerships in the food delivery industry are proving essential in order to ensure a sustainable delivery model for restaurants. That is why VROMO, the leading restaurant delivery management system, has partnered with Glovo, one of Europe’s leading multi-category players, to help thousands of restaurants across Europe scale their delivery operations.

The VROMO/Glovo partnership will help restaurants significantly increase their delivery fulfillment rates and improve their customers’ experience with their restaurant brand.

“VROMO was designed to help restaurants meet their customers’ expectations around food delivery in the most efficient way possible,” said VROMO CEO Brian Hickey. “The international capability of Glovo will complement the VROMO proposition and strengthen the delivery offering for so many restaurant brands across Europe. We’re looking forward to growing this partnership and helping many more restaurants achieve food delivery profitability.”

“VROMO is a leading software solution in many of our markets so we are very excited about this partnership,” said Tomás Vieira, Head of Glovo’s On-Demand service. “Together we can now enable access to more efficient and profitable delivery solutions for restaurants across Europe in addition to offering a better experience for customers.”

Added benefits of this partnership include an increase in volume for couriers that use Glovo.

About VROMO:

VROMO, a dispatching software solution designed specifically for the restaurant sector, works with restaurant brands that use their own in-house delivery teams, local 3rd party fleets, or a combination of both. The software tool automates delivery management for restaurants and offers a wide range of features that include driver ETA, order stacking, branded order tracking, and a unique overflow feature whereby deliveries can be redirected to 3rd party drivers when the core delivery team is not available. You can visit our homepage here for more information or find us on LinkedIn.

About Glovo:

Glovo is a pioneering multi-category app and one of the world’s leading tech companies. Founded in Barcelona in 2015, it operates in South West Europe, Eastern Europe, Central Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa. The app connects customers, couriers,  restaurants, grocery chains, pharmacies and retail stores, and also includes an “anything” category that allows customers to order whatever they want. For more information, please visit www.glovoapp.com.



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