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Announcing our official partnership with Zuppler!

Read more about our partnership with Zuppler and how our delivery management software is helping the restaurant industry to increase delivery order capacity, boost delivery efficiency, and ensure customer satisfaction! 

Partnership Announcements
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Announcing our partnership with Zuppler

We are excited to announce our partnership with Zuppler, an online food ordering system for food delivery businesses, restaurant businesses, caterers, and virtual brands.


This partnership is opening up the food delivery space even more for restaurants and delivery service providers who are looking to make the customer experience more personal and to make their delivery channel more profitable.


Why did we partner with Zuppler?

Working with a wide range of renowned partners who share a common interest in helping restaurants grow is extremely important to us here at VROMO.


And so, partnering with Zuppler, an industry leader, was a natural next step for us.


Our partnership with Zuppler will create a scalable infrastructure for growth amongst restaurants and delivery service providers which will enable them to accept an increase in online food delivery orders while maintaining a seamless experience with every delivery order.


With no upfront cost, Zuppler is providing both restaurants and food delivery businesses with a custom-branded, online ordering system.


The Zuppler tools allow restaurants and delivery service providers to control the digital customer experience, own their customer data as well as drive profit and growth back into their delivery business, with no risks attached.


Additionally, with access to our restaurant delivery software, restaurants, and delivery service providers will have the ability to automate their dispatch management. This will mean that the restaurant, the delivery driver, and the end customer will have complete visibility of the delivery customer journey.


Not only will this help to prevent customer churn, it will help restaurants to build a loyal customer base.


With this, restaurant operators will also be able to benefit from having an efficient and profitable food delivery operation in place. One that doesn’t include last-mile delivery problems such as expensive delivery fees or lack of delivery drivers.


How will a restaurant business benefit from this partnership?

This partnership will make the entire restaurant-to-door process easier to manage for restaurants while allowing them to monitor the progress of each consignment with real-time visibility.


This serves to improve delivery performance and exceed customer expectations by reducing delivery times by up to 20%.


Our solution also helps restaurants cut delivery costs by up to 24% with exclusive delivery rates available through our 3rd party delivery partners.


Our new partnership will provide restaurant business owners with a system that they can adjust and adapt to every operation at a locational level ultimately improving the customer delivery experience.


“This partnership represents the move towards an ecosystem that benefits all players” said our Chief Commercial Officer Alan Hickey. “Both companies are eager to integrate with other tech stacks to provide the food delivery sector with more opportunities to scale which is a huge deal for us and we are proud of this partnership”.


Also commenting on the partnership, Co-Founder and CEO of Zuppler, Shiva Srinivasan added:


“The integration with VROMO is consistent with Zuppler’s strategy of providing our clients and their merchant customers with more options for delivery, which enables them to better service their guests and grow their business.” 

More about Zuppler:

Founded more than a decade ago in Conshohocken, PA, Zuppler is a global software and services company supporting businesses in the food and delivery service industry by providing custom-branded online ordering systems for its clients. The Zuppler tools allow restaurants and delivery service providers to control their customer relationships, own their customer data as well, and significantly drive profit and growth, with no risk. Offerings include custom-branded online ordering menus, food ordering marketplaces, Google food ordering integration, mobile apps, delivery management, and more.


Zuppler’s technology is being utilized in over 6,000 businesses worldwide and is growing quickly. Zuppler was recently named one of the fastest-growing private companies in the greater Philadelphia region; listed at #25 on the Philadelphia100 forum.


Looking to find out more?

If you’re interested in learning more about our food delivery solution or our partnership with Zuppler and how it can benefit your restaurant or delivery business, make sure to book a demo with our team today!