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Restaurant Delivery Software Provider VROMO Partners with Delivery Orchestration Platform Nash

Our integration with Nash will offer a seamless connection between hundreds of local delivery companies and some of the biggest US restaurant brands.

Partnership Announcements
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We are excited to announce our partnership with San Francisco-based Nash to better orchestrate how businesses provide last-mile deliveries. We will now provide self-delivery technology to Nash customers which will enable them to maximize the efficiency of their internal fleets. This partnership will also provide all VROMO partner fleets with additional orders from Nash customers seeking to outsource deliveries.



As a delivery management solution we offer a wide range of features such as route optimization, order stacking, driver ETA and live order tracking. Our solution is customized for the restaurant delivery space and powers both in-house delivery fleets and Delivery Service Providers with state-of-the-art dispatch technology and an intuitive driver app. This enables any last mile restaurant delivery operation to provide the fastest, most efficient delivery possible – resulting in an exceptional customer experience.



According to our CCO Alan Hickey “The Nash / VROMO integration is providing a seamless connection between hundreds of local delivery companies and some of the best restaurant brands in the US. Whether restaurants choose to run self-delivery fleets, operate with local DSPs or use nationwide marketplace fleets, the Nash / VROMO integration allows more control over the fleet selection, service standards and profitability. The Nash partnership will give thousands of restaurants the ability to manage their delivery solution in the most efficient way possible” .



Nash makes local delivery a turn-key process for any business who wishes to offer local delivery services to their customers. It does this by transmitting orders to last mile delivery service providers in a uniform fashion. Nash connects businesses through APIs (such as VROMO) and enables access to a large network of fulfillment fleets. With Nash, any restaurant can access hundreds  of delivery service providers through  a single integration.



According to Mahmoud Ghulman, Nash CEO, “Last mile is not a zero-sum game. Managing a successful delivery operation requires interoperation between internal drivers and access to third party fleets. This partnership enables businesses with their own fleets to seamlessly assign deliveries between their drivers and third party fleets, while optimizing for speed and quality. The Nash / VROMO integration will also enable fleets running on VROMO’s technology to access new sources of demand nationwide in the US and Canada. Moreover, it will allow businesses to have  enhanced visibility in tracking their internal drivers while having access to third party fleets.”



About Nash

Nash makes it easy for any business to offer local delivery by building workflows on top of delivery APIs. Our software connects businesses to a network of third party fleets, integrates with internal capacity, automates decisions to select the optimal service providers, and provides one place to track all deliveries. For more information, visit https://www.usenash.com/.


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