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We have partnered with Toast POS to strengthen restaurant delivery capabilities for US restaurants

Read more about our exciting partnership with Toast POS and how our delivery management system is enabling Toast customers to have a more efficient delivery process, improve customer satisfaction, and reduce operational costs!

Partnership Announcements
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Improving delivery capabilities for Toast POS restaurant partners

Implementing a comprehensive delivery management solution is of utmost importance for any restaurant that is experiencing an increase in demand for delivery.


That is why we are thrilled to announce that we have just launched our integration on the Toast POS platform!


Toast POS restaurant partners will now be able to access our delivery dispatch software at the click of a button, allowing them to make their entire delivery process more efficient by increasing their delivery business capabilities, improving the delivery experience for customers, and significantly reducing delivery times.



Integration capabilities

Our seamless integration with Toast POS will enable restaurant owners throughout the United States to scale their delivery operations in an efficient and profitable way, helping them keep up with the growing demand for food delivery.


Our solution was designed specifically for the restaurant sector and works with restaurant operators that have their own delivery fleets, use a third-party fleet or a combination of both.


Our dispatch management solution offers a hybrid delivery feature whereby deliveries can be redirected to third-party fleets when the restaurant’s core delivery team is not available. For restaurants finding it difficult to hire delivery drivers or struggling with driver capacity, our delivery management solution has led to significant improvements in fulfillment levels (up to 15%) as well as improved customer service levels.


Speaking about the partnership, our CEO Brian Hickey said;


“We’re delighted to integrate with Toast POS and are excited to help Toast customers strengthen their delivery capabilities. Our goal is to make food delivery more profitable for restaurant operators and we do this by offering a wide range of features that automate, drive efficiency, and improve the customer experience.


We also offer multiple third-party delivery fleets so that restaurant operators have access to the best service levels and the lowest delivery costs in the US.


We’re excited to work with Toast and play our part in bringing even more value to their restaurant customers.”


Also commenting on the partnership, Keith Corbin, Senior Director of Business Development at Toast mentioned;


“We are excited to offer our customers VROMO’s delivery management software solution and direct integration with Toast. This Toast integration provides our restaurant customers with an advanced, automated dispatch solution to efficiently manage their self-delivery channel, third-party delivery fleets, or a hybrid of both. We are proud to work with the team at VROMO that prioritizes supporting the restaurant sector.”



How does this partnership benefit restaurant business owners?

Our partnership with Toast POS allows Toast restaurant partners to easily gain access to our delivery tracking software which offers a wide range of key features specific to hot food delivery.


As a result, restaurants can benefit by…


  • Increasing fulfilment rates by up to 15%

Our auto-dispatch technology enables restaurants to not only speed up the dispatching process to ensure timely deliveries, it also significantly reduces driver idle time, making delivery driver scheduling easier.


  • Gaining real-time visibility into orders delivered by third-party fleets  

Our user-friendly interface allows restaurants to gain access to rich data, enabling them to make data-driven decisions in the future with real-time tracking.


Not only can restaurants use driver tracking to get visibility into delivery orders fulfilled by their first-party fleets, but they can also use our delivery management system to gain insight into orders fulfilled by any third-party fleet they opt to use through VROMO.


This helps to ensure that regardless of who fulfils the order, service levels are never compromised.


  • Electronic proof of delivery 

Through our platform, restaurants can communicate with drivers via instant message to receive real-time updates about delivery orders and prevent last-mile delivery problems.


Delivery drivers can also capture electronic proof of delivery via our VROMO driver app to ensure orders have been delivered successfully.


  • Meeting customer expectations 

Today, customers expect a 5-star guest experience, including during the delivery process.


With our robust features, restaurants can enable customer communication via SMS where they can send an order tracking link to their customers, giving them complete visibility around their delivery status, building customer trust, and ensuring a positive experience with their brand.


  • Faster delivery times

Delivery scheduling capabilities, combined with auto-dispatch technology and more efficient routes can enable restaurant partners to reduce delivery times by up to 20%.



About Toast POS

Toast is a cloud-based, all-in-one digital technology platform purpose-built for the entire restaurant community. The Toast Partner Ecosystem is a curated portfolio of more than 180 best-in-class partners who deliver specialized technology solutions and services to help restaurant operators increase sales, engage guests, and keep employees happy.


If you’re interested in learning more about integration with Toast check out our dedicated partner page!