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Restaurant delivery management software partners with on-demand fleet to enhance food delivery amidst inflation

We’re delighted to announce our partnership agreement with Stuart, an on-demand food delivery fleet in the UK.

Partnership Announcements
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We are excited to announce that we have integrated with Stuart, Europe’s premier on-demand delivery fleet which is part of the DPDgroup, to help improve delivery capabilities for restaurants across the UK. We have created  a revolutionary platform that automatically redirects excess orders to third party delivery providers when the restaurant exceeds capacity, meaning fulfilment levels are never compromised.


With staff shortages and rising inflation causing major issues for eateries across the UK, we believe this will extend restaurant capabilities as more people opt to dine at home.


Our solution has the functionality to send 100% of orders to Stuart if requested by a restaurant. We are also able to provide restaurants with the opportunity to use third-party fleets exclusively for delivery, jointly with their in-house delivery drivers, or solely for overflow delivery orders.


As a result, restaurants will not only be able to increase their order capacity but also cut down on costs. By improving fulfilment rates for restaurants with the availability of Stuart across 50+ cities in the UK, hospitality businesses will have better control over the customer journey. The experience includes branded order tracking links that enable them to interact and engage with customers while they wait for their food.


We help restaurant brands to operate efficient delivery at scale, whilst providing end customers with a branded, tracking experience from kitchen to home. By integrating with Point of Sale, we make the entire restaurant-to-door process more convenient for eateries and allows them to monitor the progress of each consignment. This serves to reduce delivery times by up to 15 percent.


Stuart is committed to revolutionising urban delivery by providing sustainable and on demand deliveries throughout the UK and across Europe. Through working with us, Stuart will deliver orders from both marketplaces and directly from restaurants’ websites, whilst helping to power all food deliveries through the use of a fast and reliable fleet of independent couriers. Precise live-tracking is provided, creating a hassle-free delivery experience on both sides.


When it comes to food delivery times, a report from BigHospitality has revealed that, on average, customers will wait up to one hour for food delivery. VROMO’s mission, in partnership with Stuart, is to make the entire process more efficient and time friendly.



Speaking about the partnership, our Chief Executive Officer, Brian Hickey said:


“We’re excited to help restaurants increase their delivery fulfilment levels in these challenging times by working with Stuart. VROMO was created to help increase efficiency for the hospitality sector, both efficiently and cost-effectively. We’re looking forward to scaling this partnership and helping the hospitality sector grow its dine at home service offerings as consumer behaviour and demand changes in the midst of inflation.”


Commenting on the significance of working with us, the Stuart UK General Manager, Brendan Hamill added:


“We’re really pleased to be working with VROMO to bring this new capability to market. As the last mile delivery space continues to grow, streamlining processes between restaurants and delivery partners, like Stuart, is integral to creating a seamless delivery experience for restaurants and end-customers alike.”


If you’re interested in working with us, book a call with the team today!