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VROMO Partners with Sauce to Help Their Restaurant Partners to Operate a More Profitable Delivery Solution

We have partnered with Sauce to improve restaurant partners’ food delivery efficiency and to create profitable delivery operations.

Partnership Announcements
delivery driver on a motorcycle with a hot food bag on his back

We have just partnered with Sauce, the delivery network operating system for local restaurants and chains.


Our partnership represents the deviation of restaurant delivery from marketplace apps to a more local and sustainable solution that ensures delivery dollars are kept local. As a result of this partnership, Sauce will now be able to use local fleets, facilitated by our software, to fulfill their delivery orders.


“We’re excited to work with the Sauce team and can’t wait to help their restaurant partners to operate a more profitable delivery solution using automated dispatch and the best local delivery providers available” said our CEO Brian Hickey.


According to Li-ran Navon, Sauce Founder and CEO;

“The VROMO integration will allow Sauce to connect with local delivery companies across the US. It will help us continue to connect local restaurants with couriers and customers in a way that benefits local economies everywhere.”


Other benefits of Our Sauce partnership include more efficient and profitable delivery operations for restaurant brands as well as an increase in order volume for delivery service providers.


About Sauce
Sauce (www.getsauce.com) is a Delivery Network and Operating System (OS) for successful local restaurants. Sauce uses innovative algorithms to optimize the restaurant delivery ordering process from end-to-end, reducing costs, optimizing logistics and ultimately providing diners and restaurants with a superior and more economical service. Founded in 2019, Sauce manages delivery for local restaurants in over 4000 US cities and has offices in Miami and Tel Aviv.



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