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We have officially partnered with Sauce! 

Read more about our partnership with getsauce.com and how we are helping restaurants operate a more profitable delivery process while maintaining customer satisfaction.

Partnership Announcements
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Announcing our official partnership with Sauce!

With the change and increase in customer demands, offering delivery is almost a business requirement for restaurants today.


But with so many manual dependencies and hidden costs, the delivery channel is often difficult for restaurants to scale.


Customer expectations are increasing alongside delivery costs and many restaurant operators are struggling to create an efficient and profitable delivery channel for their business.


For this reason, we are excited to announce our official partnership with Sauce – the delivery network operating system for local restaurants and chains.


This collaboration will enable operators to drastically improve their delivery channel efficiency and create a more profitable delivery operation for their restaurants.


A shift toward local and sustainable logistics operations

As we are all aware, the relationship between restaurants and the marketplace can be a difficult one to maintain for those who are looking to improve the customer experience whilst keeping operational costs low.


Our partnership with Sauce represents the deviation of restaurant delivery from marketplace apps to a more local, sustainable, and cost-effective solution that ensures delivery dollars are kept local.


As a result of this partnership, Sauce restaurant partners will now be able to use multiple local fleet operations, facilitated by our dispatch delivery software, to fulfill their delivery orders.


How will restaurants directly benefit from this partnership?

There are many benefits offered to restaurants that use a delivery management solution.


However, with our automated dispatch software, Sauce restaurant partners will be able to experience;


  • A reduction in operational costs: Our exclusive delivery rates contribute to a reduction in the total cost of delivery by up to 24% for restaurant operators.


  • An increase in delivery assignments: restaurants using our dispatch solution will be better equipped to accept additional delivery orders and will be able to increase fulfillment rates by up to 15% as a result of using our key feature, auto-dispatch technology.


  • Greater efficiency: with our automated solution and the ability to overflow to external fleets, restaurants looking to create or use an internal fleet of delivery drivers will be able to significantly reduce waiting periods for their delivery agents, enabling them to optimize their delivery schedule.


  • Providing an exceptional customer experience: with our dispatch management software restaurants will be able to provide customer notifications and real-time order tracking to the end customer.In addition, they can enable customer communication with the delivery driver. This helps to ensure that delivery instructions and delivery details are completed successfully as well as ensuring customer preferences and relationships are matched and maintained. Ensuring customer feedback is a 5-star experience has never been easier.


  • Faster delivery times: our automatic dispatch software ensures a seamless dispatch process, helping restaurants reduce delivery windows by up to 20%, meaning a better delivery experience for customers.


  • The option to make data-driven decisions: restaurants using our platform can track and analyze delivery data with real-time driver tracking to capture valuable insights.This can also help to prevent last-mile delivery issues and capture digital proof of delivery as well as give restaurants complete visibility over the delivery process, including orders delivered by third-party delivery companies.


Unlocking operational efficiency and profitability

Other benefits of our partnership with Sauce include offering restaurants the ability to add additional drivers to their in-house delivery team or opt to work with a local, third-party logistics provider, at a lower cost.


Not only will this enable restaurants to have more efficient and profitable delivery operations, but it will also help those local delivery service providers to increase their delivery flow and scale their delivery business.


Commenting on the partnership, our CEO Brian Hickey stated that…


“We’re excited to work with the Sauce team and can’t wait to help their restaurant partners to operate a more profitable delivery solution using automated dispatch and the best local delivery service providers available”.


In addition, Li-ran Navon, Sauce Founder and CEO mentioned how;


“The VROMO integration will allow Sauce to connect with local delivery companies across the US. It will help us continue to connect local restaurants with couriers and customers in a way that benefits local economies everywhere.”


About Sauce

Sauce is a Delivery Network and Operating System (OS) for successful local restaurants. Sauce uses innovative algorithms to optimize the restaurant delivery ordering process from end-to-end, reducing costs, optimizing logistics and ultimately providing diners and restaurants with a superior and more economical service. Founded in 2019, Sauce manages delivery for local restaurants in over 4,000 US cities and has offices in Miami and Tel Aviv. (www.getsauce.com).



Scale your restaurants delivery channel today!

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