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VROMO Partners with Square to Strengthen Restaurant Delivery Capability

Restaurants across the US will now be able to improve their restaurant delivery capability as a result of our partnership Square!

Partnership Announcements
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We have just announced a strategic partnership with Square, the globally trusted software, payments, and hardware company.



Our partnership will mean that hundreds of thousands of restaurants across the US will have integrated access to our delivery software and multiple 3rd party fleet options.



As a software designed specifically for the restaurant sector, our solution automates delivery management for restaurants. With a range of features that include driver ETA, order stacking, branded order tracking, and messaging for both driver and customer updates, our software ensures that restaurants are operating at maximum efficiency within a channel where margins have traditionally been low.



We work with restaurant brands that operate their own delivery fleet using in-house delivery teams, 3rd party fleets, or a combination of both. In addition we offer an overflow feature whereby deliveries can be redirected to 3rd party drivers when the restaurant’s core delivery team is not available. For restaurants struggling with driver capacity during peak times, our solution has led to significant improvements in fulfillment levels.



“We’re thrilled to partner with Square and really looking forward to helping their partner restaurants strengthen their delivery operations,” our CEO Brian Hickey said. “The VROMO mission is to help restaurant brands make their delivery operations more profitable and we do this by offering a range of 3rd party delivery options and software that automates, drives efficiency, and optimizes the customer experience. We’re excited to work with the Square team and play our part in bringing even more value to their partner restaurants.”



“Our partnership with VROMO helps Square provide even greater value to our restaurant sellers offering delivery,” said Bryan Solar, Head of Restaurants, Square. “As we have seen in the past few years, it is more important than ever for restaurants to leverage multiple channels to meet their customers wherever they are. The delivery channel has become a critical source of revenue for many restaurants. This integration will provide sellers with the technology they need to reduce costs and increase profit while maximizing their delivery potential.”



Other key benefits of our Square integration include offering restaurants a one-stop-shop platform and preferential pricing exclusively for Square customers of $0.20 per delivery order.


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