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We have partnered with the RMDA to augment delivery options for restaurants!

Restaurants will now be better equipped to handle the demand for delivery orders by using the RMDA as a fulfillment partner through VROMO. Learn more about your delivery options today!

Partnership Announcements
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We have partnered with the RMDA!

Food delivery is estimated to increase by $20B in the coming years according to Restaurant Dive. And right now, restaurants are not equipped to deal with this surge in delivery orders.


For this reason, we have partnered with the RMDA to increase our delivery partner options for restaurants across North America looking to make their delivery channel more efficient and profitable!


Why did we partner with the RMDA?

Many restaurants, when faced with an increase in delivery orders on a busy night, tend to turn off their delivery channel in order to focus on the customers who are dining in. This is typically because they do not have enough delivery drivers to fulfill their orders.


If they don’t turn off their delivery channel, they are faced with last-mile delivery problems and longer delivery times, often resulting in their customers’ expectations not being met.


By partnering with the RMDA, we can solve this issue for restaurants.


Through VROMO, restaurants will be able to use RMDA delivery service providers as an optional fulfillment fleet, resulting in the ability to increase their delivery capacity.


How will restaurants benefit from this partnership?

By using the RMDA as a delivery service partner, restaurants will be able to improve their last-mile delivery process and improve the customer delivery experience.


As a result, restaurant business owners can:


Reduce last-mile delivery costs: restaurants interested in using the RMDA as a delivery service partner to fulfill their orders can avail of a more affordable delivery rate compared to that of other delivery fleets, helping to improve profit margins.


Have real-time visibility of the third-party provider: our software gives restaurants the ability to capture and analyze delivery data, including the data of third-party delivery companies that, without VROMO, would not be available to restaurants. As a result, restaurants can ensure compliance and service levels are never compromised, even when they use a last-mile delivery company.


Meet customer expectations: alongside greater compliance and service levels, restaurants can capture more 5-star ratings with the SMS marketing capabilities available to them through our platform (without the additional marketing fees!). By automatically sending their customer base an SMS containing a link to track their order and other widgets such as promotions and prompts to leave a tip/review, restaurants can reduce last-mile delivery problems and improve customer satisfaction.


Experience a surge in order volume & fulfillment: by increasing the restaurant’s delivery network with additional drivers, restaurants can capture delivery orders that they may have previously been forced to reject due to insufficient delivery operations. Ultimately helping them to turn their delivery business into a more efficient and profitable business model.


How will delivery drivers benefit?

As a result of this partnership, restaurants that continue to use their own internal fleet of delivery personnel will be better positioned to take the pressure off their employees.


With this, their in-house drivers can stick to delivery routes located within the sweet spot and outsource additional orders that may be located far away or in hard-to-reach areas to independent delivery services like the RMDA.


This means less driver downtime and increased efficiency.


What direct results have/will restaurant owners see?

Restaurants exclusively using third-party delivery service partners such as DoorDash or Uber will be able to see an instant reduction in delivery costs by using our RMDA partnership.


As well as this, restaurants using an internal fleet of drivers will be able to see instant results in efficiencies and profit margins such as:


  • a 15% increase in fulfillment rates
  • a 24% decrease in the total cost of their delivery operations
  • a 20% decrease in delivery windows


With an increase in fulfillment options, the vast majority of restaurants may also be able to expand their delivery destinations and see an increase in annual profits.


About The RMDA

The RMDA is comprised of 550 members across the United States, Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico and the UK. Together, we represent a staggering $500 MILLION in revenue, equal to that of BiteSquad/Waitr.


Learn more about our delivery management system today by booking a demo with our team!