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Restaurant Delivery Software Provider VROMO Partners with Restaurant SaaS and Host Kitchen Tech Start-up KBOX Global

KBox Global has chosen VROMO as its premier delivery software provider as it expands its host kitchen model into the U.S. market!

Partnership Announcements
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Restaurant operators and host kitchens looking to make their delivery operations more efficient and profitable can now take full advantage of our partnership with KBOX Global, a UK-based startup that turns underused commercial kitchen space into takeout delivery hubs. Together we will optimize digital sales and create a more efficient delivery model for host kitchens, generating much-needed new revenue streams for restaurant operators.



Our delivery management solution automates the entire delivery process with a wide range of features including route optimisation, order stacking, driver ETA and live order tracking. We seamlessly integrate delivery service providers with restaurant operations for the fastest, most efficient delivery experience, resulting in exceptional customer experience.



Our system is designed for in-house delivery but we also offer a hybrid solution. This means that restaurant brands can ‘overflow’ orders to a range of third-party fleets such as DoorDash drivers when volume exceeds their driver capacity.  Operators never have to reject an order, third-party fleet partners receive additional volume, and all parties benefit from our ecosystem of cohesive restaurant and food delivery operators.


“Our goal is to become the No.1 delivery management software for restaurant brands and we’ll do this by offering the best software solution and the most comprehensive range of third party delivery fleets to our partners around the globe. We look forward to growing this partnership with KBOX because of their unparalleled focus on the operator’s experience. Their tech solutions were built by operators for operators and we look forward to them bringing these insights to the US market” said our CEO Brian Hickey.


Salima Vellani, CEO of KBOX Global commented: “We are delighted to partner with VROMO ahead of our rollout to hundreds of new locations across the UK, Australia and the US. Having looked at several delivery software tools, we found VROMO to be the stand out product and we are confident we can create the most efficient delivery model possible for our operators”.


Our partnership marks a major milestone for both companies and aligns with the increasing popularity of digital ordering for both in-restaurant and off-premise.


Throughout 2021 and early into 2022, we have signed several international-partnership deals to enhance our offering for both restaurant and third-party delivery partners.


About KBOX

Built by operators for operators, the KBOX suite of software enables any food service operation to be digitised for off-premise and on-premise ordering. In one easy-to-use solution, KBOX provides customer-led in-venue, takeaway, first party and third party delivery solutions for any foodservice operator. With machine learning powering the platform, KBOX’s proprietary menu optimization solution enables operators to increase revenues, reduce wastage, improve labor efficiency and potentially even add additional revenue streams through virtual brands. The KBOX solution is powering kitchens in the UK and Australia and is now bringing its industry-leading solution to the US.


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