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VROMO, Deliverect Sign Partnership Deal for International Delivery

Our partnership with Deliverect will enable orders from multiple sources to be managed through a single driver fleet, whether in-house, outsourced, or a combination

Partnership Announcements
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We have partnered with Belgium-based Deliverect to further enhance and streamline restaurant delivery operations. Deliverect is a SaaS platform that simplifies online ordering for restaurants through the seamless consolidation of third-party order sources such as Uber Eats, Doordash, Just Eat and more.


Our software allows for a customizable and fully automated solution that allows restaurant partners to use their own in-house delivery team and to call on marketplace delivery fleets for overflow capability during peak times or to service new areas. Through this partnership, we will work with Deliverect to help restaurant brands manage online delivery orders from multiple platforms to be serviced by an in-house delivery team, a third-party service, or a hybrid of both.


“We are delighted to announce this partnership and excited about helping Deliverect restaurants to optimize their delivery operations. VROMO delivery software is designed specifically for restaurants that want to improve the profitability of their delivery channel and offer an exceptional customer experience,” said Brian Hickey, CEO, VROMO. “This partnership will allow restaurants to consolidate orders from multiple sources, which can then be managed efficiently through a single driver fleet, whether in-house, outsourced, or a combination of both.”


Our features include the ability to track driver locations, establish ETAs, assign drivers to specific orders, and enhance brand engagement through custom content. The agreement comes on the heels of legislative changes across the globe as countries work to secure driver rights, with Spain passing legislation that requires drivers for foodservice operations to be hired as employees rather than freelance contractors.


“As legislation changes and the gig economy model becomes more expensive, restaurant operators are becoming more reluctant to pay high fees for marketplace delivery. With that, many restaurant brands are adopting a self-delivery model, powered by VROMO software so that all order volume can be managed in-house and the customer experience is consistently excellent.” Hickey said.


Deliverect operates in 30 countries and seamlessly integrates into a restaurants’ POS to aggregate orders received online or through third-party ordering platforms. Once an order is placed and pushed through the Deliverect platform, VROMO then allows operators to manage their driver fleets on the back-end for an automated easy-to-manage, order-to-fulfillment experience.


Deliverect CEO and Co-Founder Zhong Xu commented, “With Deliverect’s mission to help the F&B industry thrive, we are excited to partner with VROMO to enable restaurants to take control of their own delivery experience. This integration allows restaurants to scale their delivery operations by connecting orders with the best rider option available, which helps reduce costs and improve customer experience.”


About Deliverect 

Deliverect is a SaaS company that simplifies online food delivery management. Deliverect seamlessly integrates online orders from food delivery channels (Uber Eats, Doordash, Just Eat Takeaway.com, etc.), allowing 10,000+ establishments to improve operational service and increase customer satisfaction. Operating in over 30 markets around the world, Deliverect is trusted by restaurant chains and FMCGs such as Taco Bell, Timeout Market, and Unilever, as well as small and midsize restaurants and dark kitchens around the world. To find out more information visit https://www.deliverect.com/.


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