Why Transparency is a Core VROMO Company Value

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We’ve spent quite a bit of time recently at VROMO working on our company values. This may not sound like something that is business critical, especially given the size of our team but we feel it’s important that we’ve got some guidelines and values that we can frequently refer back to and reference as we scale our team and as things get even crazier. It should help us to ensure we’re adding the right people to the team at VROMO, who are a really good fit, and the hope is that it will help us to remain honest and open and to constantly improve. We are moving and growing quickly so having everyone understand how we approach that and what’s most important to us can only benefit us all.

While there are some values that not everyone agrees on, there are many that the team is 100% aligned on – valuing strong, direct communication and being ambitious and authentic are good examples. One other goal that we all agreed on immediately, as being the cornerstone of our business, is transparency.

Transparency needs to be at the front and centre of who we are and what we’re trying to achieve if we’re going to grow and succeed in the best way. When we do something good we like to tell people about it and celebrate but equally where something bad happens, we want to be honest about that with ourselves and everyone who works with us.

With that in mind, we want to be as transparent and honest as we can about our pricing and very clearly give every single one of our customers, prospects and partners a really solid understanding of what is included and what isn’t.

Here are some details that should help:


In our world a task is simply an order or a delivery. We aren’t charging our customers twice for a single order by breaking ‘pickup’ and ‘delivery’ into 2 tasks and associating costs to each. Clearly you cannot fulfill an order unless you pick it up from the restaurant so why should we include 2 costs or charges for a single order? A task = an order = a delivery. 


SMS and in-app calls and messages are all included in our plans. We do not bill in arrears and make these an additional charge for our customers. Instead, we estimate the charge based on order volume and provide that level of transparency and predictability to our customers up-front. We set fair usage caps based on the predicted number of orders and the only extra charges are associated with overages on orders/deliveries in a monthly period.


Our aim is to make our full feature set available to all customers. We’re not going to charge extra for access to data or analytics or for giving you the ability to have the dispatchers and drivers communicate using our software. Holding back some features and forcing customers to pay more for those isn’t in our DNA – we want a consistent experience and that means providing the same functionality through the VROMO app and dashboard to every customer.

All VROMO plans include the following:

  • Unlimited drivers and dispatchers – there are no charges or costs associated with adding users to the system, whether they are dispatch operators, corporate users or drivers.
  • Status-triggered customer notifications – to drivers in the app and dispatchers through the web portal.
  • Configurable customer tracking experience – can be branded with a different ‘from’ address and the content is fully configurable by our customers who can add branding, campaign details or any pieces of content they wish to.
  • Dashboard and driver app analytics – our rich reporting and analytics data is available to all users, small and large to help them learn, grow and operate more efficiently.
  • Anonymized driver to customer communication (calls + SMS) – privacy and security are not negotiable and we want our customers to know that communication between drivers and their customers does not mean needing to share phone numbers.
  • Consistent and simple integrations – with any existing online ordering or POS integration in place or through Zapier – we don’t charge additional integration fees if you want to use our software. If we have an integration in place, it’s available for our customers to use. If not, we should be able to support you through Zapier or other channels.
  • World class 24/7 customer support – when our customers are open and delivering, we are too.

See more on our pricing here https://VROMO.io/pricing/


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