animated image showing the vromo and toast logo coming together and being separated by a road

The Toast Integration

Our partnership is driving food delivery efficiency & profitability for restaurant across the USA.

animated image showing the vromo and toast logo coming together and being separated by a road
an infographic explaining the process of the vromo and toast integration

Our Toast Integration

Here’s how the VROMO X Toast integration works:

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Benefits for Toast Customers

Toast provides a single platform of software as a service products and financial technology solutions that give restaurants everything they need to run their business across point of sale, operations, digital ordering and delivery, marketing and loyalty, and team management.

VROMO enhances the delivery experience for Toast customers looking to increase their fulfilment levels. Using a hybrid delivery solution, restaurants can scale their delivery operations while driving efficiency and profitability.

VROMO’s fully automated dispatch eliminates time spent manually dispatching orders. Redeployment of team members helps to drive efficiency, while cutting down on admin costs. Delivery times are also significantly reduced with more reliable ETA’s for your customers.

With VROMO, you’re given the option to use multiple fleets simultaneously to fulfil delivery orders. Fleets can be comprised of your own in-house drivers, local DSPs such as Skipcart (see our fleet coverage here) or third-party providers such as DoorDash, helping your restaurant brand to maximize its fulfilment levels.

Post pickup, your restaurant has the option to send branded tracking links to customers. This enables restaurants to reach customers with marketing communications while they await their order. You can offer your customers coupon codes, enable driver tipping and much more. Ultimately, this means less customer complaints and more happy, repeat customers!

A Toast To Improved Delivery Operations

Built for restaurants. Built for you. 

Point of sale is just the beginning. Learn how the entire Toast system – from handhelds and display screen to online ordering and email marketing – works together to make over 40,000 restaurants like yours, even better.

Not yet on the Toast POS platform but looking to improve or implement a fool-proof point of sale system alongside scaling your delivery channel?

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