Greyed out map of the world with location pins, baring the O from the VROMO logo, dotted at various points. In the foreground, the VROMO logo is presented on the bottom of the image and the Zuppler logo is presented at the bottom. There is a stylised X at the centre of the image, between both logos, signifying a new partnership between the brands.
VROMO Partners with Zuppler to Create Scalable Infrastructure for Growth Amongst Restaurants and Delivery Service Providers

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VROMO, a software solution provider for the restaurant and food delivery industry has announced a partnership with Zuppler, an online food ordering system for delivery service providers, restaurants, caterers and virtual brands.

This partnership is opening up the food delivery space even more for restaurants and delivery service providers alike. With no upfront cost, Zuppler is providing both restaurants and delivery service providers with a custom branded, online ordering system. The Zuppler tools allow restaurants and delivery service providers to control their customer relationship, own their customer data as well as drive profit and growth, with no risk. With VROMO on board, restaurants and DSP’s will have the ability to automate their dispatch solution so that efficiencies are realized and that restaurant, driver and end customer have complete visibility of the delivery journey.

The VROMO/Zuppler partnership will create a scalable infrastructure for growth amongst restaurants and delivery service providers which will see an increase in the ability to accept orders while having an efficient and profitable food delivery operation in place.

“This partnership represents the move towards an ecosystem that benefits all players” said Chief Commercial Officer of VROMO Alan Hickey. “Both companies are eager to integrate with other tech stacks to provide the food delivery sector with more opportunities to scale which is a huge deal for us and we are proud of this partnership”.

“The integration with Vromo is consistent with Zuppler’s strategy of providing our clients and their merchant customers with more options for delivery, which enables them to better service their guests and grow their business.” said Co-Founder and CEO of Zuppler, Shiva Srinivasan.


VROMO provides a customizable delivery management solution for the restaurant sector. The software automates the entire delivery management operation and enables restaurants to use a combination of in-house delivery staff, drivers from marketplace platforms and drivers from local Delivery Service Partners. Visit for more information. You can also find VROMO on LinkedIn.

About Zuppler

Founded more than a decade ago in Conshohocken, PA, Zuppler is a global software and services company supporting businesses in the food and delivery service industry by providing custom branded online ordering systems for its clients. The Zuppler tools allow restaurants and delivery service providers to control their customer relationship, own their customer data as well as significantly drive profit and growth, with no risk. Offerings include custom branded online ordering menus, food ordering marketplaces, Google food ordering integration, mobile apps, delivery management, and more. Zuppler’s technology is being utilized in over 6,000 businesses worldwide and is growing quickly. Zuppler was recently named one of the fastest-growing private companies in the greater Philadelphia region; listed at #25 on the Philadelphia100 forum.



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