<strong>How much does delivery software cost?</strong>

The cost of delivery management software can vary depending on the features and services offered. Generally, you can expect to pay a monthly subscription fee for access to the software. Some providers may also charge additional fees for setup, advanced features, customization, or other services. It is important to research different providers and compare their […]

<strong>What is a dedicated delivery management software solution?</strong>

A dedicated delivery management software solution is a type of software designed to help businesses manage their delivery operations. This type of solution can be used to track orders, route drivers, and monitor deliveries in real-time. It can also be used to automate processes such as dispatching and customer notifications.

<strong>What is a task?</strong>

In our world, a task is simply an order or a delivery. We don’t charge our customers twice for a single order by breaking ‘pickup’ and ‘delivery’ into two tasks and associating costs to each. Please note: You cannot fulfil an order unless you pick it up from the restaurant – so why should we […]

<strong>How does the driver contact the customer?</strong>

The option to contact the customer is known for improving customer service and customer retention. The driver can call the customer by clicking the 📞 icon within the job on their VROMO Driver app. This will mask the phone numbers from both driver and customer in compliance with GDPR. Please note this service is reliant […]

<strong>How do drivers navigate using the VROMO Driver app?</strong>

Drivers can choose the navigation app they prefer on the ‘profile’ page on their driver app. Once the driver has a job, to navigate to the pickup/delivery they should click on the corresponding address ‘task’ in VROMO driver app. This will redirect them to their navigation app and pre-populate the destination.

<strong>How do I stop tracking a driver?</strong>

At the end of a shift, drivers should make themselves ‘unavailable’ by tapping the VROMO button on their app and toggling themselves from available to unavailable. This can also be done from the dispatch app, on the driver’s pane hover over the driver and click the middle icon (person with a line through them) on […]

<strong>I have been set Idle, what should I do?</strong>

The VROMO Driver App will set a delivery driver to ‘Idle’ after 30 minutes of inactivity. VROMO Driver App will send a notification to inform delivery drivers why they have been set to ‘Idle’. If the delivery driver taps on the notification, the application will automatically access the VROMO Driver App and the delivery driver […]