How do I start using VROMO?

To get started with your VROMO free trial, simply enter your email address and password over on our sign-up page and get those orders flowing for free for the next two weeks.

What is the difference between VROMO and other food dispatch solutions?

What differentiates VROMO from other software providers in the food delivery space is that we automate the entire dispatch effort using customizable rules for each restaurant location. Our system stacks multiple delivery orders and provides dynamic driver ETA, and real-time driver tracking for customers. In addition, the system can be used to manage in-house drivers, […]

What kinds of restaurants does VROMO work with?

VROMO can work with restaurant brands of any capacity that want to improve their delivery to customers. However, we have found that VROMO is particularly suited to restaurant brands with multiple locations that struggle with managing the delivery process, high delivery costs, fulfillment, and owning the customer experience. We also work with Dark Kitchens & […]