<strong>Can VROMO help me to take back control of the customer journey? </strong>

VROMO enables restaurants to own the entire delivery experience, regardless of what fleet delivers the order. With our branded tracking link restaurants can keep their customers up-to-date on their order. This feature is completely customizable so you can insert your own branded images, coupons, reviews, videos, logos and so much more. For more information on […]

<strong>Can VROMO improve my restaurant order fulfilment levels?</strong>

Yes, VROMO can improve fulfillment levels by 15%. By using our overflow feature, your restaurant will be able to benefit from serving new areas and higher volumes of orders with ease. Our overflow feature will always make the most efficient use of your in-house drivers team or 3rd party fleets.

<strong>How can VROMO help me to extend my delivery zones?</strong>

When you partner with VROMO you partner with multiple fleets. This means that when your in-house drivers reach delivery capacity, you can overflow orders to the many fleets we have around the US whether it be DoorDash, Uber, or a more local fleet like DeliverThat. This will enable you to capture more customers, put a […]