<strong>What about data & privacy?</strong>

VROMO will store your company’s data in Australia, US, or Ireland by default. For premium users, your account can be hosted in your local country or on dedicated servers for your company. Please contact our support team if you need further information.

<strong>What can I do with the tracking link feature?</strong>

With our real-time tracking link feature, you can send push notifications to your customers who can then avail of real-time driver tracking right to their door. With this, you can easily run personalized marketing campaigns on the tracking link page to help you upsell, cross-sell, ask for feedback, give the customer the option for contactless […]

<strong>Can I use VROMO in my country?</strong>

VROMO is accessed via the internet and works seamlessly throughout most of the world meaning no matter where your restaurant is located, you can access VROMO. Our dashboard can be accessed through a browser, and the driver app for Android and iOS are made available globally. VROMO currently relies on services that are not accessible […]