Leading food ordering platform Olo partners with us for delivery and driver management

Mar 2, 2021

It’s been a great start to the year! We’re now working with leading US online food-ordering platform Olo as its technology partner for delivery and driver management.

The deal demonstrate the fast-paced changes happening in the hospitality industry, as restaurants adopt the latest technology to support their survival during the pandemic and beyond.

VROMO will be seamlessly integrated into Olo’s cloud-based food-ordering platform to manage delivery and driver communication. The other partnership will give the VROMO platform greater functionality by using world-class payment technology to enable restaurants to take payments securely and efficiently through Square.

Olo provides more than 300 multi-location restaurant brands with a white-label platform for on-demand ordering and delivery.

And as demand for efficient restaurant delivery continues to soar, the integration of VROMO into Olo will give restaurants the ability to locate pick-ups, interact with their drivers in real time and automatically dispatch orders. Using geofence technology, the driver experience becomes automated through VROMO’s Driver app, resulting in accurate in-depth data.

Speaking about the partnership agreement with Olo, our CEO Alan Hickey said: “VROMO has been developed to enable restaurants and food-ordering apps to meet consumers’ high expectations when it comes to food delivery, efficiently controlling the whole delivery experience.

“Alongside Olo’s industry-leading ordering processes, the partnership will see us able to offer a truly seamless process that will enable businesses to not only survive but thrive. The key benefits of the partnership include being able to manage more deliveries with fewer drivers (as there is less driver downtime or waiting), real-time communication with customers, delivery performance data and greater customer retention.

“As we are a new but fast-growing entrant to the market, our partnership with Olo will enable VROMO to extend its network and credibility – and working with the team at Olo has been a pleasure. They have already provided us with hugely valuable connections and exposure to major brands in the US.”

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