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Even if you’re a small restaurant, you can achieve major success when it comes to operating a food delivery service

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Here at VROMO, we build food delivery software that helps restaurants of all sizes to streamline their delivery operation, increase their order volume, grow their brand awareness and maximise customer engagement.

For small, independent businesses such as Mom & Pop’s store, we understand that all financial decisions need to be made carefully. 

With that in mind, here is why VROMO is the only truly cost-effective food delivery software that can help you to grow your restaurant business. 

For small to medium businesses that operate at anything up to 100 sites, VROMO’s ‘Sites’ tool can help with the management of all stores on the one system with ease. Within your VROMO account, the use of our order tracking links even enables you to increase your customer satisfaction and engagement rates by allowing them to track exactly where their food at any time. This is a game changer that massively reduces customer complaints. 

VROMO is well equipped to deal with high volume clients with hundreds or thousands of different stores. The ‘Teams’ tool enables enterprise level restaurants of this size to easily add drivers into different groups corresponding to a particular store, town or city depending on your business needs. This allows you to filter down to the relevant team for the order and completly remove the headache that assigning individual orders over a large scale area with many drivers, stores and orders brings. 

With this, our customisable tracking links will allow you to personalise your customers experience and help you to maintain brand awareness by applying your any marketing campaign to your cusomter tracking links including 



-Coupons or discounts 

-Customer reviews 

And there you have it. A handful of ways that dispatching software can help small, medium and large restaurants achieve a more efficient and profitable delivery operation!


Start your free trial today to find out how VROMO can work for you and your restaurant!



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