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Even if you’re small – you can get big results when it comes to operating a food delivery service

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VROMO’s CEO Alan Hickey explains

We build food delivery software that helps restaurants of all sizes to streamline their delivery operation, increase their order volume, grow their brand awareness and maximise customer engagement.

For small, independent businesses (Mom & Pop stores) … We understand that all financial decisions for local stores that operate at low volume need to be made carefully. With that in mind, here is why VROMO can be the only truly cost-effective food delivery software to help you grow your business. 

Small/Medium Businesses… For businesses that operate at anything up to 100 different stores, VROMO’s ‘Sites’ tool can help with the management of all stores on the one system with ease. With a Premium VROMO account, the use of our order tracking links allow you to increase your customer satisfaction by allowing them to track exactly where their food is without them even leaving their house!

Enterprise …VROMO is well equipped to deal with high volume clients with hundreds or thousands of different stores alike. The ‘Teams’ tool will allow you to add drivers into different groups corresponding to a particular store or town or city depending on your needs. This will allow you to filter down to the team and take the headache away from assigning orders over a large scale area with many drivers, stores and orders hitting the system at one time. Our customisable tracking links will allow you to personalise your customers experience, allowing you to maintain your brand awareness by applying your current marketing campaign or use different campaigns in different stores or areas.


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