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Unlock a new revenue stream with your own delivery solution

Delivery Tech Services is a suite of APIs and UI elements that enable you to build the industry’s best delivery management solution into your own tech stack.
Gain a competitive advantage and create a new and significant
revenue stream for your business.

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WHY Delivery Tech Services?


VROMO is a delivery management solution that integrates with a restaurants tech stack to drive efficiency, increase fulfilment through multiple fleet integrations and ensure a great customer experience. 


VROMO DTS enables restaurant tech providers to offer a sophisticated, white-labeled delivery management solution for 1st and 3rd party delivery with one single integration. 

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Benefits for
your business

With VROMO DTS you will have the ability to provide your restaurants with an all-in-one solution, giving you the ability to build customer loyalty and stay ahead of the competiton.

Competitve advantage

Offer an exceptional solution that sets you apart from your competitors. A delivery management solution will not only enable you to acquire new restaurants but also build greater loyalty within your existing estate as you solve the on-going delivery profitability issue for them.

Restaurant loyalty

Solving the myriad of issues relating to delivery for your restaurants will build greater loyalty and referral. Helping restaurants to make delivery profitable without the need for new systems or integrations will exponentially increase their lifetime value to your business.

Increased revenue

Increase your revenue by selling a delivery management solution to your existing restaurants and make a net return of 34c on every single delivery order.

Engineering time and cost savings

By gaining access to the most comprehensive delivery solution you can save up to 2+ years of development time and the associated costs. You will also reduce the risk of losing customers due to an extensive development waiting period.

Valuable data

With offering a new solution comes insights to valuable data. By implementing DTS you can use your delivery data to uncover reasons for operational delay, compare 3rd party service levels, customer engagement levels and so much more.

Benefits for your restaurant partners

With DTS you can offer an abundance of benefits to your restaurant partners and the end user, meaning you bring much more opportunity to the table than your competitors.

Cost savings

Automated dispatch
replaces labor dependency
with technology and ensures the best driver and fastest delivery every time 

Customer experience

With marketing capabilities available through order tracking, the customer will enjoy a great delivery experience, meaning an increase in positive reviews 

Fleet performance

Extensive reporting helps restaurants to understand exactly how well the 3rd party fleets they opt to use are servicing their customers

Increased revenue

With an efficient dispatch system & multiple 3rd party drivers available when required, fulfilment issues & rejected orders will no longer be an issue


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The secret sauce to delivery

Revolutionize your product by incorporating our delivery management solution into your existing technology. With features designed specifically for restaurant delivery, you can offer a comprehensive delivery solution to your restaurant clients in a matter of weeks.

Order overflow

Fleet management allows you to offer restaurants the ability to capture and fulfill more orders by redirecting orders at discounted rates to multiple 3rd party delivery fleets such as DoorDash and Uber. 


Help operators improve online reviews by giving them the ability to send a text message to customers to keep them updated on their order.


Allow restaurants to scale alongside your business. Stack multiple orders due in nearby locations and assign them to a single driver instead of multiple to reduce delivery costs.


Offer restaurants valuable insights
that will help them to improve customer ratings, analyze customer engagement
rates and compare service levels
of all fleets.


Enable a seamless communication stream between restaurant and end-customer to ensure issues related to delivery are being monitored and delivery success rates are 100%.

Core API

  • Throughout the process we will give you access to our suite of APIs that will allow you to manage sites, users, jobs and so much more!
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Auto dispatch engine

  • Within the process you can access to the engine that decides how a restaurant assigns a job to a driver. As decisions are made, webhook events are passed back to the customer backend to allow for a seamless dispatching process with every order. 
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Fleet engine

  • With DTS you gain access to the the fleet engine for managing 1st party and 3rd party fleets.  You only need to build 1 integration to gain access to all of our fleets partners through a common interface.

How it works

Implementing VROMO DTS can be done within a matter of weeks, giving you full access to the most comprehensive restaurant delivery solution on the market.