How to use delivery data to improve your delivery operations

How to use delivery data to improve your delivery operations

Whether you currently own a handful or thousands of restaurant locations, you’re sitting on a goldmine of delivery data. Imagine taking a month’s worth of customer delivery data and using it to plan future staffing needs, menu promotions, store locations and more. Sounds exciting, right?   Why You Should Look Into Your Delivery Data   […]

8 red flags that signal your restaurant needs help with food delivery

Food delivery cyclist, wearing a red jacket and a red delivery bag, cycles by an industrial looking building with shutters pulled down. The cyclist is positioned on the right of the image, cycling to the left, and a red and white caution sign is presented on the left of the image.

The US is the second largest food delivery market in the world, behind China, bringing in $22 billion in revenue in 2021, while the global food delivery market is projected to grow to $320 billion by the year 2029. Food delivery as a service and as a restaurant offering exploded over the last couple of […]

5 reasons why third-party delivery drivers want to work with your in-house delivery team

Restaurant chef looks on from one side of a wooden countertop as a tattoo-clad delivery driver, dressed all in black, seals his red food delivery bag across the counter from him. Atop the counter are 3 paper takeout bags and a set of shelves baring a selection of wines is blurred in the background.

As the restaurant industry continues to recover from the pandemic, a growing number of operators are searching for ways to bring customers back, continue to provide excellent customer service, and own more of the delivery journey.One way to achieve this is by integrating third-party delivery providers into an existing in-house delivery system using a hybrid […]

A Quick Q&A With Alan Hickey – VROMO’s CCO

VROMO CCO Alan Hickey - wearing a white shirt - is set against a white background

Our CCO Alan recently did an interview with a UK national newspaper talking about VROMO’s growth and ways that our software is being used by some of the biggest names in the restaurant and hospitality sector. Here’s some of the highlights of what he had to say. Why did you launch VROMO? VROMO enables restaurants […]

Why Transparency is a Core VROMO Company Value

We’ve spent quite a bit of time recently at VROMO working on our company values. This may not sound like something that is business critical, especially given the size of our team but we feel it’s important that we’ve got some guidelines and values that we can frequently refer back to and reference as we […]

How we’re building stronger customer relationships with Hubspot

An individual in a long yellow coat stands arms outstretched towards the viewer. The focus of the image is a futuristic looking collection of interconnected yellow circles, hexagons and cubes in 2D and 3D, which are hovering over the person's hands. Continuous and disjointed lines connect shapes and an eminent light shines brightly from the focus point of the image.

Customer-centricity sits at the heart of what we do here at VROMO – from how we work with our own customers through to how we help them building stronger customer relationships and create a profitable restaurant delivery solution with our SaaS products. At VROMO, we use HubSpot as our CRM. HubSpot’s CRM has allowed us […]

Why employing restaurant delivery drivers could solve the pitfalls of the gig economy

A brown paper food bag with a 'food delivery' sticker on sits against a plain white blue background. A hand is holding the top of the bag.

As the restaurant delivery market continues to grow, so does the issue of managing this expanding workforce.   There are tens of thousands gig economy drivers working in poor conditions for marketplace brands.  Many do not have a visa to work which is forcing them to rent a profile from others, reducing their potential income.  As […]

How to make restaurant food delivery profitable

A man and a woman wearing aprons sit in a restaurant examining bills. 2 calculators and a clipboard sit on the table and the man is holding a tablet.

Making food delivery profitable has always been a challenge for restaurant operators but with the current UK lockdown and ongoing restrictions globally, the need for restaurants to make food delivery profitable has never been greater.  The growth of marketplace brands such as Uber Eats and Delivery Hero has undoubtedly helped to drive revenue growth for […]

Why restaurants need to think like Amazon

An amazon branded box lies on wooden floor

Delivery is now of vital importance to the restaurant sector and businesses should be looking to offer a service more akin to Amazon Prime, which we believe has set the benchmark for consumer expectations around home delivery, and step up their game in the coming months to meet what customers now see as the norm […]