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We have partnered with Skipcart to scale food delivery profitability for restaurants

We have partnered with Skipcart to bring low-cost restaurant delivery to thousands of restaurants across the United States! Read more about the partnership.

Partnership Announcements
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A partnership worth talking about

Over the past few years, there has been a significant surge in the popularity of on-demand delivery services, particularly within the restaurant industry.


Simultaneously, there has been a substantial surge in delivery expenses, resulting in a significant blow to the revenue of restaurants utilizing delivery as a business channel.


Hence, we are thrilled to announce our newest delivery partner Skipcart, one of the largest courier companies in the United States. 



Revolutionizing food delivery: Our partnership with Skipcart

Our partnership with the national delivery service provider Skipcart is bringing low-cost food delivery services to thousands of restaurants across the United States.


As a result, restaurants that integrate with our delivery management software solution through their POS system will now have access to more affordable delivery options, and an end-to-end delivery solution, for all order volumes, at a fraction of the standard cost.


Referencing the partnership, our CEO Brian Hickey mentioned;


Delivery has become a critical revenue source for most restaurants but the challenge has always been around how to offer a great service with a low-cost base. Limited driver availability hasn’t helped and marketplace delivery rates can quickly kill restaurant margins but this partnership will mean delivery cost savings of up to 19%, which is hugely significant for any restaurant’s bottom line. We are thrilled to partner with the team at Skipcart and excited to double down on our mission to help restaurant brands make delivery profitable”.


Skipcart CEO, Ben Jones also commented;


“Skipcart has always been a vertically integrated driver network and it has served us well. However, post-pandemic we have seen restaurants want more control over their delivery. Restaurants now have the option to use their own employees as drivers using VROMO software and when things get busy, they switch to Skipcart’s driver network for overflow. With the power of VROMO giving restaurants that flexibility and Skipcart’s vast network of drivers, it completely can change the way a restaurant thinks about third-party delivery. Self-delivery for Marketplace orders is here to stay and the fees that have crippled many restaurants are going to be a thing of the past for those that use VROMO’s technology”.



What are the benefits for restaurant operators?

Our partnership brings several benefits to restaurants that use VROMO’s services. Some of these advantages include:


  1. Expanded delivery options: Restaurants integrated with VROMO’s software through their POS system gain access to a wider range of delivery choices, including Skipcart’s extensive fleet of delivery service providers.
  2. Efficient delivery operations: By utilizing Skipcarts delivery drivers, restaurant business owners can alleviate the hiring pressure and spend extra time on what really matters – creating amazing food and delivering a better customer experience. 
  3. Cost savings and reduced delivery fees: This partnership offers restaurants the opportunity to enjoy cost-effective delivery solutions with competitive rates, allowing them to improve profitability by reducing delivery expenses by up to 24% when combined with our auto dispatch technology.
  4. Increased driver coverage: With Skipcart as a delivery service partner, restaurants can benefit from expanded driver coverage, ensuring a reduction in delivery times (by up to 20%) and efficient deliveries to customers.
  5. Enhanced service levels: By leveraging Skipcart’s resources and capabilities, restaurants can enhance their service levels, providing a better overall experience to their customers and reducing last-mile delivery problems.
  6. Scale their delivery business: Restaurants utilizing our overflow feature to send excess orders to our delivery service partners can increase their fulfillment rates by up to 15%.


Added benefits of this partnership include integrated access to valid drivers, increased driver coverage and an improvement in service levels for restaurants that want to retain that self-delivery feel.



About Skipcart

As one of the largest on-demand delivery companies in the United States, Skipcart connects retailers, grocers, and restaurants with its local driver network, giving the option to offer their customers delivery in as little as 30 minutes. Today, Skipcart has completed millions of deliveries across the country through a vast network of crowd-sourced drivers. Skipcart continues to bring hyperlocal delivery to businesses around the country.


Skipcart is a privately owned company founded in 2018 in San Antonio, TX, and is currently operating throughout the United States and Canada with a fleet size of more than 150,000 drivers. More information about Skipcart can be found at skipcart.com


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