[UPDATE] Driver App: Time to Update!

Feb 4, 2021

Update Vromo Driver App

We are constantly working to improve your VROMO experience. Here is a summary of what has changed:


Enhanced Usability

We have updated our user interface to make it easier to toggle between jobs and we have added an in-app tutorial to explain how everything works.

Enhanced location updates to support all use cases

Job offers rely on frequent location updates and the new version of the driver app sends periodic updates even when stationary, meaning that you will always receive the latest offers, even while waiting on the couch!

Greater control for drivers

We are better supporting drivers who drive for multiple teams or sites so they can be available on more than one team/site at a time.

• This update also includes bug fixes and performance improvements

(App Store coming soon…)

… also have you watched our new driver video below? We hope you find it useful!