Q&A with Rashmita Khimji, VROMO’s Financial Director

Mar 5, 2021

I’m very passionate about helping restaurants and see the role of technology within the food delivery sector as a massive area of growth – so working at VROMO is the perfect fit for me.”

On your Linkedin profile you describe yourself “self-motivated and results driven”. What else has been important in your success?

I’d say it’s having a can-do attitude. I’ve always been confident in rolling out new processes, making informed decisions, and engendering the ability to engage the rest of the team.

It’s always inspiring for others to hear about people’s successful career paths – please tell us about your career to date

After achieving a First-class honours degree in Financial Computing, Mathematical Sciences, Economics, and Finance and Information Systems at Brunel University, I began my career in a small audit firm based in London.  This gave me experience in all areas of Audit and Accounting. I had the opportunity to work with a number of start-ups across different industries, looking at internal controls, processes, and performance. 

I then moved on to work at Just Eat where I stayed for almost 10 years in a number of roles. I initially started working with the team overseeing International Expansion as a Management Accountant, transitioning to the role of Financial Controller – which allowed me to travel across Europe,  Australia, and Canada. I particularly enjoyed supporting local Country Managers and Heads of Departments to align group policies and processes. 

My final role at Just Eat was in the Commercial Strategy team, where I focused on the food delivery market and model. So, the food and restaurant industry has certainly been a big part of my career! 

I took a step up in my career and became Head of Finance at Sunoptic. This international business gave me the opportunity to meet many different people and help them develop their teams. I successfully rolled out the accounting software system Xero to analyze country performance and group results. It also involved supporting and developing the local teams. We worked towards debt recovery, implementing controls and processes, and managing group cash flow.

I joined VROMO in July 2020 – where I now work with Brian, Alan, Gordon and the team.  

So you’re now helping to drive growth at VROMO, what are your current priorities?

Having worked with start-ups before, I understand how important it is to build the correct foundations. It is necessary to have the correct processes, controls, financial data and KPIs in place. This allows monitoring of performance to plan ahead and help us reach our growth ambitions. 

Coming in at the ground level, I relish the opportunity to help take the company to its full potential. It’s a fantastic piece of software that’s adaptable to restaurants of all sizes.From a personal perspective, I’d enjoy supporting the different departments within the business, and advising on where our spending should be focused and how to measure success. I also want to encourage everyone to think about the power of data to ensure our restaurant partners have a great experience and in return can provide their users with the same.

And finally, can you tell us the three best things about working at VROMO?

Well the first is the team! Collaboration is a huge part of working at VROMO, so everyone’s input is taken into account and encouraged. With the global pandemic, and being spread across different geographic regions, we organise regular team events as it’s important that the team has a chance to deflate and celebrate successes and milestones. I’m also very proud of the fact we have an almost 50/50 mixture of female colleagues across Technology, Finance, Customer Success and Operations.

Dynamic environment, working for an ambitious startup we’re very agile and can pivot to our customers requirements and needs. 

Everydays a lesson – whether it’s learning how we can automate, what is the best tax structure, or how API integrations take place. Furthermore, working alongside the senior management team, there is a wealth of experience that I can feed off, and grow.