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How To: Improve the Customer Delivery Experience and Capture More Customers

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Explore the tips and tricks of how restaurants can use VROMO to incentivise customers. One of the advantages of our software is that restaurant brands can use the driver tracking feature to communicate key marketing messages directly to their consumers. Brands are using the tool to enhance both customer acquisition and retention strategies at a fraction of the costs of many of the digital marketing alternatives.

When an order has been received, an SMS notification is sent to the customer to let them know that their food is on its way, and that notification contains a link that brings them through to a mobile web page. This not only shows end users the location of their delivery driver in real time but can also be personalised to display any branded digital content from the restaurant itself.

Some of our customers have trialled lots of different, highly effective display marketing adverts and incentives served via the tracking site. These include:

  • Money off next purchase when food is ordered through the restaurant’s website/app or preferred ordering portal
  • Clickable link to sign up to a loyalty scheme
  • Data capture competition to win next meal for free / other prizes
  • Refer A Friend schemes
  • Promotional video hosted on YouTube
  • Call to action to follow and engage with the brand on social media – extending brand promotion to social audiences

“The brand engagement opportunity the VROMO facilitates is proving to be an attractive USP,” explains our CEO Alan Hickey. “This is bolstered by some of the user statistics we track. These show that 72% of end users that receive the SMS taking them to the branded driver tracking link open it – immediately showing them branded content from the restaurant. They subsequently spend on average 4 minutes on the mobile web page.

“This is a great opportunity to drive brand loyalty through special offers and coupons, or even to create incremental revenue through third party marketing. “An onward journey that most excites our customers at the moment is how this feature and display advertising can be used to encourage restaurant customers to share their brand experience in social media channels. Restaurants can use VROMO to maintain brand visibility and marketing communication with customers who choose to follow them in social channels. Better still, encourage end users to talk about their experience with your brand, service or food on their own social media feed and you’ve tapped into the potential to reach an enormous audience of new customers.”

restaurants can use VROMO
Encourage customers to share their experience in social media

Content displayed on the driver tracking mobile web page can be easily edited via VROMO’s self-serve interface so messages can be switched out with different promotions and even in line with busy and quiet periods.

The effectiveness of the functionality is easily measured by tracking the onward journey from the mobile web page, so you can be sure of the ROI. Future decisions and promotions can be data led to continue to drive results through VROMO delivery.

For a demo of how VROMO can increase your brand engagement please get in touch. https://info.vromo.io/book-a-demo



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