Building an in-house restaurant delivery team in 4 easy steps

a pizza chef standing in a restaurant with a mask on and a pizza box in his hand

If your restaurant is offering delivery, it’s likely that you’re relying on food delivery apps to enable the service. While it has been great to tap into the infrastructure that these apps provide, the fees charged can erode any of the profit from food delivery. Research shows that on top of a 15% of commission […]

The Growth Of Dark (or Ghost) Kitchen Delivery

A close up of 3 metal whisks hanging from a metal hook against a blurred background of a restaurant kitchen

The number of dark kitchens (non-branded food production hubs for servicing takeaway orders) could increase by 30% to reach more than 1,000 in the UK within the next 12 months. And we’re in pole position with our SaaS solutions to support the raft of new dark kitchens emerging. Mirroring some of the major restaurant brands, […]

Government Support for Restaurants

a 2 person restaurant table setting is captured against a blurred background of the restaurant.

What’s happening and what more could governments be doing? The coronavirus pandemic has been – and still is in many regions worldwide – the most catastrophic event to ever hit the modern global restaurant industry. Never before have we witnessed so much destruction in our industry and seen so many businesses unable to save themselves […]

DIY delivery can make your restaurant 30% more profitable

A man and woman dressed in white t-shirts and brown aprons stand at a light wooden counter top in an all white kitchen. The woman - to the right - is holding a pen and leaning in towards a laptop on the counter. There is a selection of food and drink items in glass bottles and jars to the right of the laptop. The man - to the left - is placing a white food container with a plastic lid into a white paper bag. There are 2 further paper bags on a shelf in the background and there is another in front of the bag the man is filling.

Restaurant chains that choose to manage their own deliveries can increase their profitability by as much as 30% per food order. This is major and could, in fact, be the difference between remaining a viable business and going bust. We recognise and applaud the success of marketplace apps for transforming the food-ordering and delivery sector. […]